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GOSM discontinued at Walmart

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I have been waiting for the GOSMs to arrive at my local Walmart to no avail. I spoke to the area manager this morning, and he told me that they had been discontinued from Walmart's inventory.
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Didn't no that wally world discoutinued them. If your still looking for one check out the smoking meat store, Iv'e seen them there and it would be free shipping I'm pretty sure.

You can find the store in the colum on the left of the page.

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They may just be clearing the warehouse out, but I saw a whole pallet of the little Wally World special GOSM's getting put on the shelf at our local store this weekend. Asked what the price was and some pimple faced kid said "Duh, I don't know. I just put stuff on the shelf"PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Ahh yes.... customer service at it's best!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_40.gif
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I'm not sure if all of the Walmarts carry the exact same stuff. It could be that they didn't sell well here and were dropped but did well in other places.
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Yep, I don't know where "here" is in your case. WalMart goes by regional distribution centers like most large chains (actually most chains copy WalMart).
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I orderd one last weekend from wide body for $128.00.
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That's what you get for minimum wage!
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Did you have it shipped to your home or to the store? Was there a shipping charge involved?
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I had it shipped to my home,it cost me about $20-25.00,for shipping. I should get it in the next few days.
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Thanks again for the info.
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