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Sunday's Shickens

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Did some shickens today for a birthday party. I did a couple whole chickens and 12 leg quarters, with pinto beans and potato salad. Good Eats.
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looking good there outlaw... yummy..icon_smile.gif
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very tasty looking... i like the first picture first... am still wiping my monitor off..icon_redface.gif
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That look good Outlaw, nice legs! Share your recipe and how you did it. I just bought two 3.5# chickens and 2 cornish hens that I'm gonna do this week sometime. I plan on brining for about 3-6hrs then split and smoke. Never done cornish hens before, figure doin it the same as chicken and may add some bacon in there somewhere.

Thanks for the pics!
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I just had a pulled pork sammie, but I could eat some of that chicken!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Nice job! That's about as pretty as it gets. I'll take a leg please....

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I've never brined my chicken, but I have thought about it. If someone could direct me in the right direction for a brine, I'd be much obliged. As for the chickens that I did today was really simple. Italian dressing as a binder and a rub I threw together. Smoker on my Charbroil h2o at 235 for 4:30 to 5 hrs. Took some bottles of bbq sauce that I had left over and put into sauce pan with half a bottle of Pineapple jelly and some apple juice and basted the last hour on. I also did a fattie but we ate it before I took pics.
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they look good
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Fantastic MountainCityOutlaw!!!

............mmmmm, smoked chicken......
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