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What kind of cheese are we putting on those sammiches?
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I used a mix of colby, cheddar, and monteray jack.
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Mine had some pregrated bagged stuff called Italian 5 cheese blend. Can't remember what was in it other than Mozzarellaicon_question.gif
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I'm just outside of Philly, and basically the thought process on the cheese varies a bit. I'm sure everyone's heard of Pat's and Gino's. There first choice for cheese is cheez whiz. Not on my cheesesteak!! Personally I've had much better cheesesteaks from many other places. Most of us prefer plain old american and that's what most places put on them. The rib eye is the choice for the steak. Fried onions are popular, but we have soooo many varieties of cheesesteaks here. California, mushroom & brown gravy, pizza steak, chicken cheesesteak, my favorite is a cheesesteak on a garlic roll. Take your roll like your going to make garlic bread and then slap that meat and cheese on that...Now that's a good cheesesteak. One of the most important parts is the roll, hands down.
Both pics of cheesesteaks looked great!!! Try some of that meat onions and peppers in some spaghetti sauce and then over noodles...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Haven't tried that, but use the same meat, onions and peppers with chili powder, grill it add Salsa, sour cream and cheese if you want, wrap it in a flour tortilla and it makes a kick azz fajitaPDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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That sounds awesome!!! Southwest cheese steak fajita!!!PDT_Armataz_01_08.gif
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Awesome!!! This is a great place to be!!!
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I've seen these sandwiches before. I had to go out and get a meat slicer though. Nice thin cuts of meat. just like lunch meat. Those look great
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I hear ya brother. Coming on here before I eat is like going to the grocery store hungry. I'll be slobbering all over everything.
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tryed this last night.. everyone loved it!! mahalos for the how to.. and at the same time making me look looked like i know what i was doing..
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Linecut, you need to turn your pug around or it will forever be known as Cyclops.
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Glad you said that Ozark! First time I saw his avatar I was left quite speechless!! eek.gificon_lol.gif
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thats from lots of good get it looking like that...
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