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I also think 170º is overdone.
I use a mix of GB and PS and rice. It's NEVER dry.
In fact, I'll head over to the recipe section and post the recipe for it. If anyone is interested, it's very good, and I've been making this way for years, both smoked and baked.
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sounds good, hope it's loaded with garlic and maybe.....just maybe a touch of beer????? PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Sorry smoked, no beer. It does have garlic salt. As I was made aware in the reply I added for Dutch's Cowboy Gravy, not everyone likes a lot of garlic, (or as Dutch pointed out, especially in the morning) so we usually add fresh garlic besides the garlic salt. It's a recipe my Mom used when we were kids, and as with everything I cook, I always step it up with more pepper and garlic.
As with any recipe, change it up however you like.
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what....somebody does not like beer and garlic?????? oh dear lord......I'm gonna faint....good thing I gotta check the smoker and see how them almonds are doing.......icon_lol.gif
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Abigail's Meat Loaf Recipe

I'm one for always trying a new recipe, so am gonna give yours a try this weekend, along with some country style ribs. Thanks for the recipe and keep posting them.


CharBroil Electric Smoker
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No garlic on meat ????


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Hi Johno, Don`t be discouraged !! we are not perfect .... just try again ...till u get to you`r likeing..... one thing I like to suggest(imho) is getting a digatal meat thermometor.... I have both ~maverick , et-72 & et-73...I have used both and work great....takes the guese work out ....you can set the desired temps and meat will not be over cooked !!! The et-73 has a probe so u can monitor the smoke chamber & 1-meat probe,,,, The et-72 is a dual meat probe .... you can set the typ`s of meat and the temps u are shooting for !!
Ok ....good luck ... I hope this helps u out ....let me know how u make out !!!cool.gif
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Look through this thread and find Meowey's Meatloaf receipe...Absolutely the Best....Give it a try and you will see why...I just took one off my smoker and letting it rest awhile...but did have to cut off a sample from one end...I have finally got it down to a science...and before, I was NOT a meatloaf fan...Good Luck!!! Be sure and mix up his glaze for it...
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