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I love you!

I've been getting harrassed for years about my guitars (I am currently down to about 7 - did have 13 but gave a few away). I needed to make room for banjos. Big mistake! I gave away my 1972 Fender Telecaster - who knew it was worth a bundle? icon_eek.gif

They just don't understand why you'd need more than one or two.
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Don't worry honey if anybody ever saw those legs they'd NEVER want to eat them! I've seen toothpicks with more meat on em!

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too bad you didn't offload that tele to me icon_biggrin.gif
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If I'd have known you I would have! Gave it to my nephew who said he wanted to play and he pawned it a few months later. When I found out I went to the pawn shop to see if it was still there -the pawn shop guy said he sold it to a collector for $15,000! I never would have imagined an old guitar that didn't even belong to Elvis or something would be worth money.

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yea funny how some of the "f" headstocks can garner alot of money.....same with those "m" nameplated amplifiers!!!!!! me, I'm still a peavey man....... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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