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Smoker Pricing

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Been lusting after a Brinkmann Southfork Smoker. Saving my pennies left over from the retirement check (not often).
On Brinkmann's website the Southfork is priced at $1799.00, no shipping included either (choke, gasp, heck, I just wanted a smoker)
So I go wandering through the new Bass Pro Shop in Olathe, KS and run smack into a real, live, Southfork! I fondled it, caressed it, got close to it, opened the doors, touched things, all the while glancing over my shoulder to make sure security wasn't headed my way.
Then I came to the price tag - $1200.00 !!!!!!!!!!!! $600.00 difference !!!!!!!!
Sooooooooo.......... What's up with that?????? Same smoker.
Certainly don't have any problem with a $600.00 lower price, but?
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well walmart thing....if you fondle it you bought it....or is it you fondle it your now in divorce court????? icon_eek.gif
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Well.................. it didn't follow me home. I left Bass Pro kinda sweaty though.

Still wonder about the $600.00 price difference.
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could be just the simple "retail suggested price" thing.......hell the slicer I bought was supposed to be 120, but I got it at 84.....why ask why????? PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I hear you.
It's just some pipe and welding rod. Jane threw cold water on me.
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I don't know where you saw the $1800 price, but if it was a Brinkmann catalog or website the prices on everything are way over what you can buy it for in any store. Always seems odd to me that they do, but they do. Even accessories are priced insanely high.
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Chad -


Strange they do that, make a bit of extra money I suppose.

May fire the scoot and ride down to Clinton to visit Everhart's, one of my favorite places, pick up some jig hooks and weed guards so I can make up a batch of bass jigs. It IS time to go fishing.
Take a ride over toward Warsaw and around the lake to whet my appetite.
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