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I would imagine you'd get at least a couple dozen. I always get my best crop in the fall. Weather, how you feed and water, etc are all big determining factors. Of course, you'd probably get more if planted in the ground.

Let us know how much heat(if any) they have. I've had some w/ no heat at all, and some w/ moderate heat. Personally, I quit growing them because they just don't seem to get very big.

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Thanks for the info Tim. Will do on the heat and #'s. First shot at peppers and I wanted something the mrs would consider trying (does'nt like hot stuff).
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I'm a regular (or I'm regular) farmer now. Got the maters getting bigger, and now my first jalapenos are appearing! Dawg happy!icon_mrgreen.gif
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My peppers are coming on. I planted 3 Tam jalapenos, a couple of sweet bells, a Big Bertha bell and a New Mexican that the son in law requested. So far my Tams have 3-4 peppers each so I'm hoping to pick 'em and do some MBT's (Mild Buffler Turds) this weekend.

This year I managed to plant in addition to the peppers, some 'maters, cukes, a watermelon, a squash for the wife and some punk'ins for the grandkids. It got to dang hot too dang fast and I didn't get my corn in-dang it.
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I've been picking japs for about 3 wks now. Tried a new variety called "Tormento". These are the biggest prettiest most productive I've ever grown. I've had a couple that measured 4 1/2" long. Crisp thick walls w/o any checking or purpling. This is what I'll grow in the future.

I've been picking a few tommies too, but have been watching more rot than what I've picked due to all the monsson type weather we've had. I keep lookinf for a big boat full of animals to come floating by. I've picked two or three nice Brandywines, 6 or 8 Cherokee Purples, and a handful or two of my favorite little Black Cherries.

We've been picking cukes 3 or 4 a day for about a month. New variety "Sweet slice". Theyre pretty good, but not as long as we like them to be.

Swiss Chard is growing faster than we can pick it, and the asparagus made about 60#-70# this spring.

Serrano and bell peppers are doing well, habaneros and aji dulce are looking for a little hot dry weather.

All herbs are going crazy. I'll need to weed eat the oregano, dill, marjoram and sage if they don't settle down.

That's the Smoky Okie garden report for now.

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Mater plant dead due to T-Storm gust. Blew over the stake and stalk. Oh well, have another going. Pepper doing great! Have about 20 -24 on it. The big ones are about 3" long. When do I pick, and when I pick, can I get more?
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Pick when they look like you want them to look. If you leave them on long enough, they'll turn red, lose a little heat, and get a lot sweeter. The more you pick, the sooner the plant will make more. I usually get 2 major harvests, one in June/July, and one in Sept./October.

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Have around 20-30 Tams on my plant. All anywhere from 1 to almost 3 inches long, all green (except one pepper that is totally red, and came out that way). When are they ready to pick? Asking b/c I've never grown peppers before. confused.gif
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