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I actually just typed "aji Dulce" into the last free form line in the search field. Searched by name instead of heat level, shape, etc. As far as experience with the company, I have none. A friend pointed me in their direction. Based on their pretty iron clad guarantee I'm going to give them a shot. Check out some of their cusomer testimonials. Looks pretty good. For what it's worth, I'm splitting an order of twelve plants with a friend. Here's what I'm getting: Bhut Jolokia, Cherry Bomb Hybrid, Almapaprika, Datil Sweet, Mini Chocolate Bell, Window Box Roma VFN Hybrid (Tomato). Next year I'll be happy to pass any of the seeds along from the above.
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I saw the Datil on their site, it looked similar to the aji dulce. As for the million Scov stuff, it's a bit much for me. Do you plan on isolating your plants so that they don't cross pollenate. It'd be a big surprise next year if your sweet peppers crossed with the hot Indian ones.

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Plants come well packaged probably about 7 - 10 in tall. They are in like 6 pack containers with each plant segregated. Last year I ordered like 30+ from them without any issues. This year I have 40 peppers and I think 15 tomatoes.
I originally ordered the peter pepper as a conversation piece, but I actually love the flavor, heat but very bright flavor. Hubby can't cut into them without a grimace!!! PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif

I just made a call to my pepper guru and he said that the jumbo jalapeno they have at chiliplants.com is not as hot as a regular but definitely bigger. As I recall though it was later in the season. He also suggested an ancho chili. Bigger than a jap, more mild with a little sweet hint.
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I'll grow my hot ones in the front yard and the milds out back. I'd hate for the Bhut Jolokia to taint everything! Like you, that's way too much heat for me. I want it for the sheer novelty. Speaking of heat, I recently infused a bottle of vodka with a few smoked Tabasco's and 1 small smoked habanero. It's been soaking for about a week and it's already hot beyond reason. I might be able to use it for a bloody mary but I already have my doubts. I was hesitant about adding the habanero and went against my better judgement. I do love smoke drying the hot peppers and then grinding them up with kosher salt. Great seasoning. I also like smoking just plain old kosher salt. Nice to have smoke infused salt around!
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Thanx Shellbec,
I'll go to chiliplants. I don't think I want to go to an ancho. I want the jalapeno flavor and flesh thickness. My wife just doesn't like her ABTs quite so hot. Usually if I seed them and de-membrane them they're OK for her, but you know how some of them are just plain hot. I'll give you a rep power point for the help.

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Never thought of that!!! icon_razz.gif We manage a VFW and have Sunday bloody mary crowd. Have to try a small bottle of that. Did you just add them and let them soak? I'm not sure how you infuse wodka...
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Did you say "wotka". Split the peppers, soak them in the "wotka", strain the wotka. OC is alcohol soluble. The smaller you cut the peppers, the quicker they infuse. Garlic and lime vodka makes a good Bloddy Mary. Only use the zest of the lime, no pith or fruit.

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That's exactly what I did. Added some smoke dried ones and that was it. Just popped them into a fresh bottle and resealed it. I've never tried it with fresh but I'm sure that would work too. Also, the smoke dried ones were dried on a wood skewer so they do have a small hole in them. I'm guessing a hole is a good thing because the vodka can get inside easier. Go easy though, you'll be amazed how quickly the heat gets in there.
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Thank you Payson and Tim! I will definitely do this. Probably this weekend for next Sunday...hmmm...hot pepper and lime wodka and a bloody mary bar...You pay for the shot and then we have a small "salad" bar type set up with all different additions you can add, clamato, beefamato, tomato, celery, horseradish, woosey sauce, etc...icon_mrgreen.gif
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That sounds might fine indeed! May have to fix myself one after work! (Assuming I haven't totally overheated my Vodka!!)
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You could probably dilute it with some plain vodka...I just emailed our Sunday bartender about the new concoction...biggrin.gif My mind is going now about what else you do with this. Every once in a while this one guy will make a bet over prarie fire shots. Whoever "wins" gets to put the amount of tabasco in a shot of tequila. I imagine a tequila infused with hot peppers (and lemon) could take over the tabasco...oohhh tequila infused with some hot peppers and lemon, salt the rim of the glass....bingo!
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My peppers just arrived from www.chileplants.com
All were VERY healthy. Good company! Can't wait to get 'em in the ground!
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You're Lucky, You'll Be Eating Yours A Month Before Us Here In Philly. It's Still A Little Cool At Night Around Here.
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Bill, I get my seeds from Henry Fields. Do a 'google' and you can order them on line. It was Sir Monty that geve me the heads up on Henry Fields last year.
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just ordered some tommy toe and pepper plants from Cross Country last week. They should be here in a day or two. I'll post a report when I get them.

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Welcome back SmokyOky, missed your wisdom and inputs.

Keep Smokin
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Thanx for the welcome words. I'm still lurking around, just don't have the time I'd like to to interact w/ yourself and all the fine folks that make up this community. I can always make time to answer a PM, but I've been trying to curtail non-essential communication in arder to fulfill responsibilities. It's always a pleasure to get an email notification from SMF.

BTW, busy or not, I'm still planning a trip to Missouri.
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Got one TAM Jalapeno plant in a pot on the deck. Doing very well, starting to spout flowers. My ? is....approx how many peppers can one expect from one plant?
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I agree ... icon_sad.gif
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Yes... when I do stuffed bell peppers I use Jalepenos and or chipotles ... problem solved with lots of flavor .... icon_smile.gif
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