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my next must have..

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does any one here have one of these? or maybe have tryed one. this is on my list of must have one more cooker.. check the videos on the site for how it works. www.lacajachina.com i'm not sell these or anything like that.just thinking i may want one...
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I saw one of these on a Ham On the Street episode on FoodTv. They look easy to use and seem to cook an amazing cut of meat. I would have to say I agree, a defenite must have, once the wife allows me to spend money again.
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Iv'e been reading about these cookers for a while know and have heard pretty good reviews on them.

Also have heard if you have the know how, they are pretty simple to make.

They also go by the name of Cajun Microwave Roasting Box...See Link


If you do get one I would love to hear what you think of it.........just what we all need...another toy !!!
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I can't tell a whole lot about it from the picture, but it doesn't look like a cajun microwave from what I can tell. On a Microwave we build a fire on top of a box and it cooks down and roasts the meat inside. I've never seen wood boxes either, it is always metal boxes that you dig into the ground. It does not smoke the meat, it roasts the meat. This looks more like the spit cookers that they use in the Phillipines to cook pork over the coals. Wonderful tasting stuff. If it will do that the price looks real good.
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Looks like a nice unit. lots of possibilities. DJ Debi needs to check out the replacement grill for unit #1, 21X40, right width but alittle to long for her new barrel smoker. Just my .02 worth Debi. Steve
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