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Smoked Fillet Migon

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hi every one, i`m doin a fillet migon right now,,, don`t know if any one did this b-4 ??? i got 2-pcs out of the fridge that i bought some time ago that was vacum seald ...mmmmm smelt great when i opend them !!! i used jeff`s naked rub,temp is holding @ 200-210*,apple & oak chunks for smoke,holiday cheer beer left over from x-mas & water in the bowl,,, i have my redi-check (2-probes) set @ med. I will post the food porn later on when all done !! just gotta watch the wind is really kicking up now ,,, but a nice sunny day in the 50`s ok catch ya`ll later happy smoking .... :-))
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well? I'm curious. fillet loves a HOT flame, so how'd it do in the smoker?
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hi Jay,
Actually it came out pretty good, my wife loved itPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif !! The only thing i forgot to do is a mop..we used horseraddish sauce for dipping and the flavor was great PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif ...I was woundering if i could have use the dripings in the water bowl and made Ajus ?? has anybody done this ?? i`m trying to get the pics up as soon as i figure out the downsizing ok tc .....charlie
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looks like candy

Great lookin pics of that meat candy,you should have tried the dripping for ajus...T-bone.
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Looks pretty good to me. You could definitely use the drippings for au jus if your pan is relatively clean. Good job! I might have to try that with the fillets in my freezer!

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Those look absolutely MOUTHWATERING.
I smoked some rib-eyes once. They did not
look that good.
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Good job Charlie looks great!
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I dont think I could ever bring myself to smoke such a great peice of meat. Glad you enjoyed it. Filet IMO seared on both sides, and about 1 blood rare in the center in the center. YUMMY
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i have smoked some rib-eyes, and they would be my preference for smoking. of course, i haven't done a filet, yet.
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n.j. not sure how deluted the beef juice would be with the water in the pan. I have used two cans of low sodium beef stock, two cans of water and a sliced onion in my water pan while smoking a 3 pound boneless rib roast. The beef juices dripping in to the pan made for some great dipping sauce.
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I gotta try that Dutch that's a great idea! Thanks

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Thanks Dutch, i`ll keep that in mind for the next roast i do !!
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