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Here are my Butts/Picnics

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Like I promised...

Getting Ready

Coals Started

Final Rub


Did ya notice the sacrificial potato?

Did not take pictures of the pulled pork, started pulling and eating, greasy fingers icon_smile.gif

Rick <><
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suddenly I'm hungry..... biggrin.gif
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Those are some good lookin groceries Rick. Thanks for sharing with us.

Keep Smokin
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looks good. i am going to do a boneless boston butt and a beef shoulder roast saturday.
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Looks really good Rick! I hear you about the greasy fingers and after waiting al day... smelling all that good food ... sometimes you just can't stop to take pictures!

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Looks fantastic RickPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif , I can't wait for the day we have scratch and sniff pics!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Nice looking grub Rick. It looks like you will fit right in here.
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first time i ever said this to a guy... nice
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It has always occurred to me that if they can turn sound and vision into a digital signal and pass it through wires across the Earth and beyond then why not smell?

All you would need is a receiver that could detect the signal and reproduce the smell.

After that they would come up with Surround Smell 7.1 where it would smell like it was all around youicon_mrgreen.gif

Ok.. back to reality now!!!
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Looks real good Rick. I don't get it about the potato though.
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tom, i think he meant the potato that is holding a probe just off the grate.
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Yer Right!

Yup Chris has it. I use the potato to keep the probe tip off the grill. I have tried the metal teepee style holders but they always get lost and I always have a potato around. Rock hard after a good smoke!

Here is a different pic of another smoke... one lonely Butt!

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hey rick, welcometo the best forum on the web. i call it home school for smokers. nice to have another smoker from cali join up. enjoy/. wildcat
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Welcome to the forum!
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Great Mother of Pearl! Those butts look fine!
Actually, I do smoke taters and they are good!
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