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found some plans

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this is not my smoker but found it and kind of liked it...

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Teacup -

I saw that the other day when I was looking for another barrel looks pretty neat!

I'd need a ladder to cook on it though (I'm not just Italian but short too).
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well if you can make this you can make a sturdy step stool..lol

the site i listed has the complete instructions how to build it
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This may be of interest to you guys or anyone else who is considering this and new here.


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Appears to be your basic double barrel wood stove kit with some mods.
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LOL Me tink da teacup is a wisenhimmer!

I'd need a ladder though not a step stool!

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thats ok my wife has shortism as wellicon_mrgreen.gif ... she is 4'10
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Teacup my Mama was 4'9" tall in heels! Her "little brother" was 4"3" tall. I'm a whopping 5'2" tall! Whoopie!
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my mother is your height as well... but boy can you ladies wield a cast iron frying pan when you are mad at people over 6ft tall..lolredface.gif
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