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Been a while since we added any acronyms to our list. I have a couple new ones to suggest.

BWS= Backwoods Smoker

BDS= Big Drum Smoker
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Agree totally with Ultramg. Darn good acronym! (not familiar with BWS icon_redface.gif )
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How about PT for Packer Trim brisket? I suppose it should actually be PTB, but two letters is easier than three, and I don't think there's anything else to compete fro the PT spot on this site.
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Is CG on the list for Chargriller? I think I remember seeing SFB for side fire box but I don't remember.
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I don't think so John it didn't turn green
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Then they need to be added.

A lot of us have them & I know we use the abbreviationsicon_idea.gif
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Brinkmann Smoke N Pit ?

Is there a abbreviation for the Brinkmann smoke N pit ???
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