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Welcome Nauidvr-

Nice Bday present ya got there!
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new here myself

I think you will do well here ,welcome aboard !!
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Bought the Model 130 today for about $120. I think I will like it!
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If you're like I was, no butter knife will be safe. This is the only sharpening system worthy of your Wustoff knives IMHO. They should not send housewives home w/ a Wustoff steel (probably, next to a bench grinder, the easiest way to ruin a good knife)

One of the things that was a bit of a gray area in the instructions was what speed to pull the knife through. I've found that what works the best is what I would call a "slow, steady stroke". Also, before going from one wheel to the next, be sure you can feel a wire edge all the way down the lenght of the blade.

Show us some before and after pix. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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I am waiting for the sharpener shipment to arrive and will probably have more questions for you, once I actually receive it, on the best way not to screw up a good knife.

On another note - I sold the WÜSTHOF "Gourmet" knives I bought, to a friend, that was looking for a good set of knives (but not a full blown professional set). I screwed up when I won them on the ebay auction, I thought they were the WÜSTHOF "Classic" series, but the seller listed them as "Classic/Gourmet" series and I did not catch that upfront. Once I received them I found that they were not what I wanted, but my friend said they fit the bill perfectly for him, so I was not out any money and he got a $500, 17 piece knife set for $202.50.

I did get a 23 piece WÜSTHOF "Classic" knife set (model #8424 - tonight, at less than 50% of the best price you can get them for on the internet or at a store. So, I'm now a happy meat smoker!
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What a knife set! Are you planning to use them for day to day use, or do you have alternates for that. I mostly use Forschners or dexter russels for workhorse jobs, and my nicer knives for show and serving. Some of them seem to hold an edge better than the Wusthoff.
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As of now, I am using the Wusthof kinves for everyday use. They are sharp (don't ask me how I know!). I got the sharpener in and have played with it a little - actually sharpened every knife in the house! It does a great job, espically on the paring knifes I have had forever and a day. It sharpened my fillet knife so sharp I could shave with it! - no strechin' of the truth here either.
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I have a set of Messerstahl knives that I love, but I need another sharpener better than the nice hand one that I have. I've seen the Chef's Choice in stores, so I'll watch EBay for them.

Wustoff are very nice knives.... I still love the weight of Henckels, but that's me!
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You will want the Chef's Choice Model # 120 or 130. I found the model # 130 on eBay for lass than the store price of the 120.

See the following links:
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I keep my filet knife that way. With a little practice, you can sharpen a butter knife sharp enough to shave with-no stretchin' of the truth here either.

All other electric sharpeners have given the term electric sharpener a bad rap, but IMHO, this undoes all that. It is the only way I sharpen fine cutlery.

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You guys sound like Tim Allen!! ur ur urgh icon_mrgreen.gif
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Yeah, I guess, except we're talking about kitchen tools. He'd probably call that women's stuff.

The most important thing in any kitchen- A good sharp knife!.

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birthday present

Welcome DVR, and I must say NICE Pro. Bro. Nothing like equipment big enough to feed a party.biggrin.gif
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Naw this is smokin' and grillin' that's supposed to be mens work!

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