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Can you eat the Iguanas?
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Yes you can eat the iguanas. Tasted some in costa rica. Now the question is would you want to eat the iguanas. wasn't very good'

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I don't have a greenhouse, but I support one.


Isn't that the place in Washington D.C. where the president lives?

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Its sort of useless now as our temps are over 100 everyday, but during the winter I start onions, leeks, peppers, tomatoes and etc.. during the months of Dec and Jan..... this way they are perfect for our garden that we usually put sets out in March.


It is facing South and catches the winter sunshine and stores the heat in the four barrels filled with water, which also helps to humidify it.. as our humidity can easily run in the single digits here on the desert.. I don't have to use any other source of heat... the lowest last winter was 40deg inside it even with snow on the ground and the water in the dogs bowls froze. This was the first year we used it and it is great.... next winter I might try to grow some maters in it.

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