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Looking good Debi!!!
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I got my foodsaver today! Wally World had the Advanced model 2420 which seemed good enough so I bought it.

Funny thing is right next to it was a meat grinder and Jessie said "Hey do you need a new meat grinder too?

10 Minuted later we were in the grill section and there was a small gas vertical GOSM smoker for like $98 and Jessie was looking inside and all around it. I just smiled and said "That'd be great for sausage!" Jessie says "Yeah I bet it would." So I said "Are you suggesting I get a third smoker?" Jessie says "oh ah ah ..." and laughed.

I didn't get it, it's very tiny and we really don't need another smoker right now (I need a meat slicer first).

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Hi Debi,
That looks great, i was treying to sniff my monitor for the pastrmi , lol , home-made fattys ?? how u do that ?? ok take care !!
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and here jessie was shaking his head and stomping out of the room over the slicer..... biggrin.gif
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you can get continuous rolls or buy the premade bags as can get them at wally world and target also least out here.....
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homemade must have missed my post on the "mega fattie" experiment!!!! you just grind up your own sausage and make a roll and smoke.......I even posted the slightly adjusted jimmy dean sage recipe I use........PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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i am not italian but i make a mean portabella stuffed ravioli in a light cream sauce with smoked red bell peppers and procuitto... and yes that is a weekend meal

your pics look great...whens supper again?
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Yummmy it all looks great
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