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Ribs Ribs and More Ribs!

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Did yet another pastrami and some home made fatties today.

You all were driving me nuts with ribs all week so I had to run out and get some today. Ended up with the smallest BabyBacks I ever saw but they were ribs!

Pix are:

Supper BabyBacks, baked Beans Tater salad
raw fatties, pastrami, ribs
sliced fatties
smoked pastrami
smoked ribs

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You were a busy gal today, as usual it all looks great, what did ya put in your fatties? Red peppers/pimentos? Looks GOOD ta me!icon_eek.gif
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MMmmm.....Ribs!Looks good!I need to get a move on and smoke something myself!
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Carl they are diced red and green peppers and bit of crushed red peppers too
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I'm gonna mix up a couple of pounds of pork into the jimmy dean sage recipe and then form into about a 4" round for a super-mega fattie....you know, one that will sit on a regular size bagel or english muffin!!!!!! icon_mrgreen.gif
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Looks wonderfull as usual Debi!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif I notice that you didn't slice the smoked pastrami, do you just seal a meal it and freeze, then slice as needed??? (can that even be done?)
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ummmm......on the tablet that came from the mountain...


fact is mine gets gobbled up too fast to even consider freezing....and still that makes me shudder...........yes vaccum seal...but freeze............ icon_frown.gif
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Drool, drool, drool!!!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Theresa -

You can freeze it but it goes to fast so I don't usually.

It gets cut up into 3 equal parts:
1 get one
2 my Aunt gets one
3 my sisters gets one

I can't make enough of this stuff!


Oh meant to tell you all somethig funny that happened during my smoke yesterday ...

I was smokin' away and opened the lid to spray my stuff with apple juice and one of my fatties was missing. I knew I put three in there but now there was only two.

I went in the house and looked in the sink in case I forgio it (even though I know I didn't), looked in the fridge, even in the microwave .. mno fatty.

I scratched my head and went back outside and looked in the smoker and counted two fatties. Where in the name of the smoke Gods did that other fatty go?

I grabbed my camera and downloaded the pictures I took and sure enough three fatties ... hmmm

Went back outside and loked on the floor and under the smoker and all over the place and couldn't find the third fatty. okay it weird but I never sprayed my meat so I opened the lid and PLUNK it was stuck to the cover!

Drove me nuts for about an hour!

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Is there a good or bad vaccum sealer? I think I need a new one mine old seal-a-meal doesn't vaccum seal it just seals. I have to suck the air out with a straw and bag are getting harder to find.

Maybe that should be a new thread?
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The Tilia Foodsaver brand is the best I have found so far. Myself and 6 of my friends own the FoodSaver Professional III http://www.foodsaver.com/

You can do a little searching and find them for much less money - I think we found our best deals at (Acehardwareoutlet.com) http://www2.acehardwareoutlet.com/(f...?SKU=866223040

Bags can get expensive, but if you buy the 11 inch rolls (make your own as you go) by the 6-pack case at Bass Pro/Outdoor World, they run $49.99 and you can make alot of bags, and also reuse them. In fact I just picked up a case of bags (rolls) today!

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Dont buy Black & Decker or Norelco, Mine both fell apart within 6 months of each other…just bite your lip and get the Foodsaver, it’s worth it in the long haul! I just wish I could find a jumbo roll of the 8" shrinkwrap. Sometimes you can find generic stuff at Wallys, but very seldom 8". icon_mad.gif
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Up in Smoke - They have the 8 inch in stock by the 6 roll case at Bass Pro Shops. I travel all over the country and go to many Bass Pro shops to waste time while out of town. They always have a great selection of the Food Saver rolls. They keep them in the cooking section by the smokers and jerky stuff.

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FoodSaver generally charges $9.95 a roll, I’m shecking out a place in FL that sells 6 rolls for $35.00…basically half the price, how much were those at Bass Pro? I tend to use alot of this stuff and it can get pretty expensive.
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I did not check the price on the 8 inch rolls, But the 11 inch rolls I bought were $49.99. There were six rolls, each roll was 18 feet long.
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Ahh I was wondering if they used continuous rolls like my ole seal-a-meal did. I always liked that better than the premade bags. I used to seal them side ways to put multiple servings of veggies and stuff and make TV dinners for the family.

Okay so Foodsaver is "THE" brand to buy. I think WalMart sells that one too. I love Ace Hardware I'll go there first.


............PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif .............
armed with info and dangerous
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ROFLOL..... would have drove me nuts as well... times like that you ask yourself if your going nuts or what!!!
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That little mystery is funny stuff Debi.. I would have been accusing everyone and their dog for taking it.
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Nice meal, you sure do go all out.

Very impressive
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PigCircles -

I did ask if anyone took it but it was still raw!

Cheech -

That's not all out that's a normal meal - All out is when I build an antipasto then serve a procuitto, mushroom and cheese stuffed chicken breast and sauted veggies. That's a weekend meal only!

I found out when the kids were growing up the only way to keep them home for dinner was to make it worth their while!
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