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First WSM Smoke

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Work got cancelled tonite, so I figured it was time to break in the new WSM. I had picked up a couple Choice grade chuck roast at Costco Monday so I decided to fire up the smoker and smoke 'em.

Here they are rubbed with Willie B's All Purpose Rub and coming up to room temp a little:

Here is the charcoal bowl prepared to fire up using the Minion method:

I took a quick shot of the Weber chimney w/ 20 briquettes stacked to the side. This helps them light better in the chimney when not lighting many at once:

And finally here the chucks are getting settled in for their smoke bath at about 10:45 pm.

I started prepping everything at 9:00 pm and lit the 20 briquettes at 10. The temperature seems to be settling in at about 235°. I had heard about the WSM's cooking pretty hot for the first 2 or 3 cooks so I tried to throttle it back early. It always seems easier to keep temperature under control than it is to get it back under control after it runs away on you. I also foiled and used the stock WSM water pan with water to try and aid keeping my temps in check this first cook. Hopefully, this will be an uneventful night. icon_cool.gif
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yummy......and here we just had pizza........
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Everything is going great so far. I am about 4 ½ hours in and the smoker is holding temps excellent. The weather turned kinda nasty but the WSM is doing it's job. It is 35° with about 35-50 mph winds and raining. The smoker is at 229° and one roast is 160° and the other 156°. Somehow, I feel like I'm cheating. icon_eek.gif
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Trying to get a pic of the TBS but the wind is blowing so hard you can barely see it. It is on the left side of the pic.

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sweet chad...too bad you went to bed or something before the little lady and I got back home.....enjoyed the chat thou!!!!! see the pepperoni thread I've they look great!!!!!!!!!! and the mozz to die for!!!!!! oh my god.....
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I was just on a brief intermission smoked. We need to get some more night owls to help keep us entertained. frown.gif

I got the roasts wrapped after 6 hours and 15 min. The internal was 169° on one and 170° on the other. Wrapped in foil w/ a splash of AJ and gonna take them to about 190° or so. Here they are just prior to wrapping.

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Looks as though the WSM is doing a good job for you. Oh..the meat looks great also..Happy Smokin'
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Looks great Chad!

So let me ask you this ... Do you think I'm going backwards building a horizontal after using the ECB?

BTW How's that new baby doing?
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I don't think any style cooker is the end all answer for everything myself Debi. Offsets, verticals, homebuilt, and all other niches have their place. I like messing around with different styles myself so it's what I do. Alot of BBQ people have blinders on and think their way is the only way. Too bad for them, they miss out on alot of interesting things IMO.

The baby is well. When using a new smoker and trying to get Momma a good nights sleep he makes it an extra challenge. smile.gif Fortunately, the WSM ran rock solid and the boy wasn't to bad either. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Finally got some finished pics. The first one is both roasts on a platter and the second is an inside pic of one of them.

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Looks great Chad!

Glad to hear your new toy and son are working out well!

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