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My chicken secret

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Just to let you have a little of my secret, but not too much, here is how I have been doing my chicken.

Marinate the chicken overnight in Italian dressing. I use a sealable plastic bag. I usually do thighs, but have done drum sticks, and cut up chicken as well. They all do well. If you watch the breasts, they will turn out tender, moist and very good.

Take the chicken out of the bag the next day and drain in a colander.. I place the pieces in a large aluminum pan in a single layer. Sprinkle with a good bbq rub. (Mine is my own recipe, so you can use what you like).

Cover with plastic wrap and sit back in the fridge.

Light the coals and bring your pit up to temp... I like my abt 250*+- to start out with. Cook until 150*+-, then bring temp of the cooker up to abt 350*+-. This will help crisp the chicken skin.

Brush with your favorite sauce. When the chicken reaches 165*, brush one more time, and leave on for just a few minutes to glaze.... pull from cooker and let the chicken rest.

Be careful not to let any foil or anything else touch the chicken. If you do, when you pull it off, it will pull the glaze off with it. I have put a few toothpicks into the chicken to use as posts for the foil to rest on. Then cover with a couple of towels.

Sorry, but my rubs and sauce are top secret.... I could tell you all about the ingredients and amounts, but then I would have to kill ya.....

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Sounds good Mr Grumpy.

The dry Italian dressing makes a good rub with a bit of cajun spice too. I just love that cajun spice! Never tried it in the smoker though I used it in the oven years ago.
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Italian food

Italina food is tasty
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For a new member you sure digging into the archives quickly?
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Not bad for an ole grumpy...sounds delicious!!biggrin.gif
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