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salmon...and here I thought they were only here in washington and alaska!!!!! icon_twisted.gificon_lol.gif
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Smoked,we have an excellent salmon fishery here in the midwest.The Great Lakes seem to be holding record numbers the last few years.We may not get the average size you folks get but we have very liberal limits.In Wisconsin we are allowed to keep 5 fish with no more than 2 lake trout per angler per day.The biggest fish we had on my boat last year was a 24# King.We only had 4 fish over 20# last year but we caught lots of 10-15# fish.Now my friends in Michigan have a tuffer limit of 3 of one specie with 5 total per angler per day.There is nothin like a 3 fish fire drill in the back of the boat and the sun isnt showing on the horizon yet.
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icon_biggrin.gif well they get bigger in alaska, but they are fairly free running here, along with dungeous crab and all that other seafood stuff I don't eat!!!!! but some smoked salmon is okay, and fish and chips with a ton of beer..... icon_lol.gif
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Sounds god mike
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We get giant Kings in the St. Mary's River in the fall... this is where they swim around b4 they make their way into the tributaries to spawn... we get them nice and silver.. get the occasional altlantic salmon as well...oh and LOTS of pinks

St. Mary's River = northern michigan(northern ontario) = the very first time i smoked...mmmm the memories..lol
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Alright Mike that's what we like to hear here!


And if I don't start brewing soon there won't be any cold beer this summer!

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I do get up that way occasionally. Salmon would be real fine. They give you a good tussle.
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