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Successful smoke

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I had a pretty good smoke this past weekend,and I just got a digital camera finally,so I'm trying to learn how to post pictures. I hope to have them in the next day or so. My only computer is at work. I did 6 slabs of spare ribs , some salmon, some chicken thighs , a couple of fatties ,(one of which I put in a pot of beans, some smashed taters, and a gingerbread cheesecake. I'll have the pics soon. Any helpful advice would be great. It looks fairly simple to take them from the camera to the computer,after that I'm not sure.
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Dude could you explain "a couple of fatties". My thoughts on fatties are: monster tire on a HD, token on a number, ( pot ), and or a large person.
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Ok did I read that right... you put a smoked fattie into a gingerbread cheese cake? is that right?
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My bad on that. I forgot to put the second parentheses after the pot of beans. Sorry. It was only in the beans ,and it is a one pound roll of Jimmy Dean Sausage smoked on the smoker and crumbled up in the beans. It turned out good.
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I use photobucket. It's a free download. Upload to photobucket, then just copy the image and paste it on your post. If a computard like me can do it, anybody can.


BTW, congrats on the good smoke!
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Buddy -

Looks like your doing just fine there! If you have any questions just ask!

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Sounds like a good day of smoking buddy, look forward to seeing the pics.
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