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I Bought A Ten Inch Blade Commercial Slicer At Restaurant Supply House New. At The Time The Only Used Ones Were Much Too Big And Heavy. Paid A Little Over $4oo.with The Savings On Lunch Meat And Cheese It'll Soon Pay For Itself. Not To Mention The Venison Cheese Steaks. The Slicers Made For The Home Have Too Much Plastic For My Liking. But, Save And Go With What You Can Afford And Treat It Nice.
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I have one of the plastic cheap home ones. I agree you get what you pay for, some times you luck out.I do a lot of shopping on e-bay. The last time I used my slicer I almost sliced the tip of my finger off. I wonder a lot of times what I was doing back in the 60's.
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I came close to buying a use commercial slicer on eBay. I was bidding on it when it occured to me where in the $@## am I gonna put a 100 pound slicer? I sent an email tothe guy and got the measurements it would even fit on my counter!

Luckily Smoked came to my rescue! icon_lol.gif
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Ain't no doubt about it, they are a bit large for the kitchen counter! While I don't think mine weighs more than 40 or 50lbs it is still awkwards to move and I am still nervous about loosing an arm while using it! Actually it is pretty safe to use, but you have to take it apart to clean it and that is suposedly when most accidents happen with them.

It will slice just about anything, but I have read that cheese is problematic for many slicers, and I have never tried to slice any cheese yet. I would like to think that I am fair slicing with a knife, but slicing meat is not what really excited me after I started using the slicer. VEGGIES are where it is at! A "Ginsu knife" ain't got nothing on a slicer! We make Crockpot Italian beef for sandwiches every couple of months and slicing onions and bell peppers thin is almost more fun than slicing the beef!

A commercial slicer would be overkill for most folks as far as the actual need/use aspect goes. But as far as durability, function and possible resale I would still say that if you found a used commercial near the cost of a consumer level unit go for it.
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Smoked - Did we ever find us a cheese blade? redface.gif

Not that we'd need it very often, so far I've only sliced pastrami, pastrami, pastrami, pastrami, Brisket, more pastrami, more brisket, pastrami, capricola ham, smoke turkey loaf, nothing to bad, but it works great!

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no, they don't have a cheese blade for it yet......
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That's okay I grate or shread most of my cheese anyway! icon_smile.gif
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same here, but there is hope that they will add a cheese blade for it. I do wish they would have made the tray bigger thou........
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Yeah it gets a bit small and slipery with briskets but it's so nice to clean and cuts so well.

I'm think abut aking my cousin who's a metal fabricator in the shipyard to make me a bigger tray. Maybe we can just put it over the existing one? A few more inches would make a big difference.

PIGGIE DONT GO THERE! PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif

I can't think of any other way to word this!
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yea, I've had some ideas running thru my head as well on modifications for the tray..... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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i have two 12 inch automatic globe slicers that i picked up nine years ago for free,a friend of mine is a junk man and goes around to all the restaurant supply companys and hauls off there junk, "stainless steal" and "aluminum"!!! and cleans out there warehouses,he brought a trailer load of stuff to a place i worked for,the boss gave him five hundred for all the equipment on the trailer.
after a week of going through the equipment i got down to the globes,they were dirty and very funky,i cleaned them with a pressure washer and after drying i repaired them,the motors were good,the power cords were the only problem on either one,i replaced the drive belts on both for the automation and good as new, they are still running and were old models to begin with.
my point in this long winded post is to say this.......look around check out the restaurant supply places,check out govt. auctions,school auctions or even restaurant auctions.

good luck

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Don't forge to share them! rolleyes.gif
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