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A BBQ specialty store near us sells strips of Jack Daniels barrel staves for smoking.  I have not tried them, but they smell wonderful (about 2" wide strips of the oak barrels with the full char on the inside).  I don't have a stick burner, but I keep saying I need to get some and cut them shorter to try in my WSM.

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I use them a lot too....especially when doing reverse sear steaks
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To be honest I was not a fan of the JD chips. The taste wasnt bad when I used em but not not worth the price if you ask me.

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I can easily get the chips and use them for lots of items, especially when cold smoking cheese and hard boiled eggs. 

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On the Jack Daniel's distillery tour, you learn that they hand make their barrels, and that they only use the barrels once for JD.  Some barrels are sent to wineries and other distilleries who reuse them to age their products, but some barrels end up in the chipper for smoking chips. 

Oh, and they sell barrels at the Barrel Shop in Lynchburg... I'll be headed up there this weekend to pick up a barrel to decorate my bar.  ;)

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They had them on sale at the Gander Mountain so I said what the heck.


I smoked a bacon wrapped Filet mignon turned out awesome.


smoked a pork tenderloin and was not impressed as my creation stated above.


since I am new and love to experiment, what other wood chips would be good to mix with bourbon oak to compliment flavor?

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I use them alot so far. I love em!
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I just recently used mine for the first time. I had used some JD in the sauce for some wings and decided it was a good time to open up the bag of JD Chips I had. I even added a splash of JD to my water pan. They turned out great, really proud since they were my first wings.

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I tried these last weekend on a 12# butt, honestly, prefer my normal hickory, apple wood smoke.  These just didn't produce the smoke flavor I prefer, and the price is a little steep in my opinion.

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I like the JD chips with beef and was amazing on a prime rib, (rubbed the roast with Jack and rolled in salt) added the JD Chips and only a smoke for 130-2 hrs and let the rub do the rest...... can be too much on pork and chicken in my opinion
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and thats excatly what brought me to this thread...I was hoping someone would be of like mind. The ideal of these chips are good but they come saturated anyhow. Not mush or anything, but damp.


you wouldnt need much whiskey (I think id like a bourbon mop better though) for the mop. It being alcohol, it would probably soak and absorb easier and deeper. 


I bought a bag to play with and I feel like its just a good way to get the heat back to where it needs to be when the fires dying down.

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