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balcony hybrid tomatoes

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i got a package of "balcony hybrid" tomato seeds. it is burpee brand. it says on the back that it grows 6-7 oz fruits. they are determinate plants. anyone ever try these?
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if i'm not mistakin' they are much like the early girl tomatoes,and there tasty.

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Go for a variety called Sungold, I think. The one year I planted a few plants, I have tomatoes galore. Plenty of water, sun, and fretilizer helped I guess. Those plants did get very bushy, but very productive. You'll need a large pot to hold each plant to reduce any chances of it falling over.

The fruit tasted quite sweet with a slight tang. This is more of an eating tomato as the fruit never grows later than 2 inches.
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Why don't you go to the Roll Call forum and introduce yourself.....ask your question there......you will get more responses than by resurrecting an old thread. Here's a link to the Roll Call.....

you can use the blue navigation bar at the top of the main page to find your way around to the different forum topics.

Either way, Welcome to the SMF!
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