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Ever Tried HBurgers?

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Anyone ever tried doing a 10 tube of 85-90% hamburger with a rub or marinade on it? Thinking of trying this in the upcoming weeks.

Basically get a 10 tube of ground burger.
Put a rub on it
Smoke it
Chill over night
Cut into 1" thick patties

Then whenever you want a good smoked burger all you do is thaw and heat, or throw on the grill or Foreman frozen for a fast smokey burger?
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big chub burgers

PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif sounds good to me
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sounds kind of like a meat loaf...There is a link on here from last summer that someone has pictures of the hamburgers he did. Man did they look good! I would think it would be easier to follow his smoking method (individual patties) and then when the smoke is done freeze them then. When you want one, throw on the grill to crisp up. I'll try to find the link.
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Please post some pictures of your results so we will know if it is something we may want to try.
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ballagh, sounds like a neat idea. Maybe give it a shot of marinade injection the night before opening the wrapper, rub, smoke and get crazy. Keep us posted on how it comes out.

Keep Smokin
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doing it right from big chub will save making patties--
i like the idea--i hope it works good
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A Burger fatty! Could be cool! Maybe you could stick a tube of cheese in the middle!

This could be great for dieting ... but I only had one! Okay so it was 10 inches long.

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Yes - The Burger Fatty! LOL

Wrapping it with bacon and jamming cheese into sounds like a grand idea. Ah PepperColbyJack cheese. uuuummmmmm
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Oh, that does sound good! I don't know if we get those around here.
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Just used one of those on Saturday. It was the only hamburger in the store. Maybe I'll run out and get another one and stick my spagetti spoon dowm the center and fillerup wit cheese and bacon and chopped onions and ...

dang whens supper gonna be ready?
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This will be for another weekend. I picked up a 10 pound brisket and a rack of baby backs instead. LOL
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Sure ballagh! Get us all excited and then make us wait! LOL

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Mrs. Oky and I have an old standby of cutting a chub into thick patties and smoking them as thick patties. When they're done, we re-assemble the chub (reduces chance of freezer burn, and fits in the freezer better),wrap w/plastic wrap and vacupak them. When you want a quick burger, just stick a cleaver blade in between patties, and pop one off. Theyre also great when unexpected company shows up.

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