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I've always just sliced them up. They never make to the refrigerator so I've never had to reheat. There are quite a number of fattie threads here in the forum. Go to search and just type fattie. You'll get the lo down on flavors and everything. They're so easy to do and don't take up much room at all...
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If you like sausage you gotta get some fatties on..

1) When they're done, they're done. Slice and eat (or just start chewing at one end and stop when you're done! icon_eek.gif )

2)Shoot for approx. 165º

3)No problems falling apart, they might want to stick to the grate a bit, so be careful turning them. Spray the grate with No Stick spray or roll the fatties a bit to loosen them from the grate

Keep Smokin
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Well this is what makes this forum so great. I have been smoking for years but never heard of these. A day that you do not learn something is a day wasted - thanks for making this day worth something.

I forsee a fatty (and I don't mean me) on my smoker this weekend.

Thank you all
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Why stop at one fattie?
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The more fatties you do the more fattie you become....

I think that is an ancient proverb.
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LOL - I think "what's a fattie" was one of my first questions too.

Most of the grease comes out in the smoker though so there low fatties then!

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Thanks for the information on the fattie!Might sound weird,but I don't like sausage.I might smoke one if anyone in the family is interested in it.
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So I mentioned to my wife last night about smoking a fatty... she did not think it sounded to good... I know in some places that is ground for a divorce but I still love her.
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If you only do 2 fattie, you'll surely be wishing you had done 3 when....

Well, you get the hint.... you never seem to do enough. Do one naked, with nothing on it. Then do one with some basic bbq rub on it. And then, brush a little bbq sauce on one before it finishes cooking. Like a glaze on chicken or ribs.... It's all good.... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif:PDT_Armataz _01_34:

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Firs few times I saw the Word "fattie" I thought everyone was smoking a hunk of fatback. Then they talked about eatting it for breakfast and I thought I be sick.

I finally asked what this thng was and boy was I relieved! And a bit embarrased ... icon_redface.gif

but I'm glad I asked they are quite good and they do freeze well for later.
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I have a vending job coming up the end of the month. I will start cooking abt 6am, and hopefully be able to finish up, clean up, and packed by 6pm for the 2hr drive home.... The official start time for the event is 8:45am.

I am planning on at least a dozen fatties to sell early in the early AM hrs along with some biscuits.

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Corn bread... yummy.... I will have to go find it. I haven't seen it yet. I haven't spent a lot on here lately, work.... looks like it will be all messed up until probably late September. icon_sad.gificon_sad.gif

I have another camera body coming, as my old one bit the dirt. I am still old school, so film developing will be in my future again. I am almost ready for digital, as I had one, older one, and liked it. When I make the plunge, it will not be a cheap one... slr version with a couple of lens, and all the bells and whistles..... I like a good camera and don't mind putting some $$$ into a good one.

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