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Water Pan

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Does everyone agree that the water pan is pretty much just for heat stabilization and not for making the meat moist? I was going to smoke some split breasts today without the water pan.
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I agree with that SS. It will be a little harder to control the heat, but not too tough. How are you preparing the meat? Anything to make that breast meat juicier? Actually I'm just hungry.

Keep Smokin
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Yep, that’s pretty much the way she works, as long as you can keep your temps reasonable you can smoke without it. It just tends to mellow out those heat
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Nothing special, I just sprayed the split breasts down with pam, applied some rub and grilled 18 on the charcoal grill. I am doing the same thing with 8 more on the smoker without the water pan.
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To keep your chicken moist there is really nothing that beats brining to keep it moist
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Hey brother,

I run mine without the pan all the time. I mainly just use it for catching drippings.

Is your conversion doing ok?
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Hey Rodger,
The conversion is working rather well. I have noticed the heat spikes without the pan but the split breasts should turn out very nice.
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I was doing some reading last night about WSM's and came across an idea that sounded interesting and should work for any water smoker. They were filling the water pan with crumpled up foil balls (about 3/4 inch Dia.) and then covering the top of the pan w/ foil. Leave a little valley/depression in the middle of the covering sheet of foil to catch the grease. The balls were supposed to aid as a heat sink like water does and I wondered if the lack of moisture might help crisp the skin.
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Sound reasonable - it'll reflect the heat as well.

I use water/juice to help keep my heat up in the cold until the last few hours and the skin is crispy.

Also tried sticking a few of those ceramic charcoal brickettes around the inside of water pan instead of water or juice and that helps keep the heat up too.
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Makes sense ultramag, it will absorb heat in the spikes, to a point and will distribute heat in the cool temps. I'll keep that tip in mind.. thanks

Smokin Stang - How'd those breasts come out?

Keep Smokin
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They probably were not as good as yours but they worked for me. I did add the water pan after 1.5 hours of smoking due to heat spikes.
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I agree with cheech on the brining. I have never used a water pan in the smoker and have not had a problem.
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Brining, brining, brining...Once you try, you won't want to make poultry without it!
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It Works Fine , But If You Are Into Sausages With Natural Casings, The Water Pan Does Help Keep The Casings From Becoming Brittle.
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