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Welcome to the board typical. You ought to stop by the rollcall forum, introduce yourself, and get ready for a big SMF welcoming.

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The kitchen Aid is hard to beat, but the grinder attachment is worthless for grinding meat. Like all small diameter grinders, the membranes wad up in the dies. It is my choice for mixing sausage (dough hook, low speed) though. If you're going to spend $100 on a sausage mixer, why not save another $100 up and get a Kitchen Aid? Then you won't have a unitasker.

I like to roll out the meat into a flat, apply seasoning evenly, roll up like a cake roll, and then mix in the KA. I think the less mixing the better. There's less air incorporated that way.

Speaking of Kitchen Aid, their $200 food processer is next on my birthday wish list. Does anyone have any experience with them? You know, the model w/ the built in mini bowl?

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You can always put the paddle or the hook and the mixing bowl in the freezer for 20-30 minutes or so if you're worried about heat being generated by the mixing process.
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