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Sausage Making

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Today my son and I made 50 lbs of sausage. We made 25 lbs of German sausage and 25 lbs of what I will call "chipotle and cheese sausage". This is a new sausage that I mixed up today and I think I have it like I want it on the first try. To view the process go to http://www.darylecoates.com/sausage.html
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Goat -

Those sausages look mighty fine! Nice photos too!
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WOW.... that looks awsome....my tounge is hanging like a dog waiting for some eats !!!! YUMMY .........charlie ... :-)
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Wow , great lookin' sausage.... I drooled all over my laptop..... At what temp did you smoke these at? What type of wood?PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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hello goat

i like the pics of your sausage good job i liked your web site to i will keep it marked so i can check out your recipes in your cookbook when it gets done you are lucky to be able to live in a place with all those deer and hogs keep up the good work
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I just cold smoked them for about 6 hours with oak.
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Looks to me like someone is getting really good at putting together his websiteicon_biggrin.gif
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There has been quite a learning curve for someone who learned to type on a manual typewriter.
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I hear that one Goat!
But to be fair I couldn't type worth a damn then either!
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That's some mighty good looking sausage there Goat.icon_wink.gif
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Nice looking sausage... got my mouth watering
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I Like The Sausage You Made, But I Was Really Kicked Back Over Your "meat Room", Ive Been Making Sausage For Several Years, But Have To Doit All In My Wife's Kitchen. I Was Especially Impressed With Your Grinder. What Size Plate Does It Use.
Any Way. Keep Up The Good Postings..............
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Thanks for the kind words. The grinder uses a #10/12 plate. It is a Torey and has been a good one giving no trouble.
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Nice Sausage.........I like the systematic approach to the way you make your sausage
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great set-up

Wow Goat,my mouth is watering,great pics....nice home set-up as well ,T-bone.
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Goat is your meat room like a "vault" used on jobsites? It looks like the ones we use at work.

Did you grind that sausage twice with a large plate?

Okay one more: Is the cheese a high temp cheese?

Thanks for sharing. Very nice pics. Now I'm starvin'!
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My meat room is a sea container. I have seen some used as storage on job sites as well. It is 8 x 8 x 20. When I grind my sausage twice, I grind once thru a 3/8 plate and the next grind is done thru a 3/16. The cheese was not high temp. Next time I will probably try some or cut the cheese up into bigger chunks. Glad you liked the site. If you need any help, I will share what little I know.
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Yes, a sea/land container. We use them all the time for secure strorage on some jobsites. They are very well built and tough as all get out!
Thanks for the info.
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Hey Mohntr,

Behind the white door in the pics is a restroom, complete with a lavority. Hot water is close behind as I already have the water heater. It is not yet plumbed in.
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Nice work goat! I've used several of them, never thought about buying one and converting it like you have. Very good idea. Once you get water you may NEVER have to come out..... except to buy more meat! :) Thanks!
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