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howdy y'all

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i think i got this fiq out now, lets post this again

I am new but have lots of crazy ideas, i plan to use this website to help me create perfection. I ask for only honesty, for thats all you will get out of me.
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Welcome to SMF Honest Joe!!! Enjoy the forums.
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Hello and a big warm welcome to SMF Joeicon_smile.gif ! There is no better place to get good advice about smoking. If you haven't already, I would reccomend that you sign up for Jeff's free 5-day e-course-lots of good info. Enjoy your explorations and enjoy your smoke icon_smile.gif ! Daun
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I will be as much help as I can be. Welcome
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Honest Joe welcome to SMF. Great place to be learning. Ask any questions you have and we'll try to get ya up to speed.

Keep Smokin
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Trust us Joe, you’ll find it’s true,
We never lie about BBQicon_rolleyes.gif
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Welcome aboard Honest Joe, what kind of rig are you cooking on.
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I too am new here. Been lurking around and absorbing as much as I can for the past two weeks. My smoker was delivered on Tuesday, and my first smoke will begin tomorrow!

Learned almost everything I know 'bout smokin' right here on SMF! Took the e-course, asked a few questions, and read as many pages as I could. Search for topics of interest as many questions could be answered without having to post it again - although, everyone here is so nice, they'd gladly answer the same questions thousands of times!

I hope I learned from their experiences, and avoid some of the mistakes they made, and hopefully I'll be enjoying good Q this weekend. Good luck to you too!
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Welcome Joe, can you give us an idea of one of your crazy ideas?
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Welcome to the SMF.
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Good point. I pour concrete for some finishers that call me "slim."smile.gif

Oh......welcome to SMF.
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howdy y'all

Welcome joe-

If your anything like most of us - seeking perfection will drive you crazy. There's always something we can make just a little bit better next time.

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