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Country Hams

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Heres a couple of country cured hams Im smoking this weekend.These are the real salty ones that need no refridgeration.I added another hobby to the pic,collecting old bottels.
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Them look good enough to eat without smokin emPDT_Armataz_01_11.gif

I don't know about the bottles, but I use to have that same picture that is on your wall with the two owls. Think the title said "Little Buddy" or something like that.
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smoking Hams


I was reading an old Popular Mechanics encylopedia the other day that talked about hanging hams in trees for curing ... sounded interesting. Have you ever tried it?
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Dacdots those hams look great, now take that skillet off the wall and fry up some taters to go with them and we will all come over for dinner.
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Debi,I have read the same thing about hanging the hams it trees.The problem with that is you need to keep the meat at a constant temp of 38 deg.Id think it would be impossible to do that hanging in a tree.As in anything you do there can be tolerances but for best results I try to stick to proven methods of doing things,plus Id hate to ruin 50 lbs of meat.
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