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after a cold water bath to rinse off more of the brine, the saltiness came down, but still salty....next batch will use less. Put two balls to the 1/2 hour cold smoke with hickory today, man it sucks in the smoke quick....even 1/2 hour may have been too much......
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Hey Gunslinger,
Next time you make pizza, try shredded wisconsin white cheddar. Not too much, but it makes for a great taste on pizza. Also, how do you go about building a fruit cellar???
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I do use extra sharp on my taco pizza. I will have to try the other.

My fruit cellar will be made from concrete......of course. And fully buried in the side of a hill right by the house. I don't have a basement, so the only alternative is a storm cellar, which I'll refer to as my fruit cellar. After the tornado that skimmed over the top of the house last spring, I think I'm ready.
Next year, we plan to build a new house on the back of my property, about 1/4 mile south of our current residence. We'll have a basement then.
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my second go around try on the mozz was a huge success....I halved the salt in the curds and reduced the salt in the brine (not too much, but enough) and after the cold water rinse routine and bit of drying.....it was the best tasting mozz I've ever had in my life.....I'm hooked......
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The mozzarella in the stores is kind of tasteless. This has some flavor. Glad it worked for you Skoked. It's really easy once you see what's going on. It is a little hard to describe though

Hard cheese takes more patience. You have to age it!

I'm looking through my books and notes to find an easy hard cheese for you Tom! I'll post it when I find it. I know I have one somewhere.
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yea, I think a hard cheese is next....but I'll need to settle down a bit first, got too many irons in the fire right now......especially with a jeep cherokee that keeps breaking down mad.gif
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Smoked I have a recipe for a cheddar that is pretty simple. Doesn't require multiple levels of "cheddaring" which is kind of slicing and piling the curds. This is much more time consuming than mozarella though.
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is it the one in the files on teh cheese site???? if so I already printed it off....
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No but it will be!
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