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Got the basil going already, and get the rest of my spices at Mennonite store.
Gonna make some relish with the green ones and pickle some of them to. Freeze some as well.Give a couple of ton away as well

Let me know if you need any I will be more than happy to give you some!
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Hey Jeff, If you want to spike a few of those pickled green ones, I'll have plenty of hot peppers!!!

Hey Geoff, $10 bet next year you'll have more than one mater!
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I ain't gonna touch that one. I'm already wishing I got a couple more. Remember my mom had a lot of maters. She could'nt give any more away and I refused to take anymore, so she made homemade ketchup. Said she'll never do it again (too labor intensive). Taste was ok, not worth the effort after seeing her do it.
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Sounds like we will have to do some horse trading! I can always use hot peppers. I have no luck growing them, aslways bloom late icon_confused.gif
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Too late to start another mater in a pot?confused.gif
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heck out here the growing season is just three roma maters going, four cherry maters, and two yellow pear maters......and hell I don't like maters at all....which is why most of the new garden is dedicated to hot peppers!!!!!! icon_twisted.gif
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Beefsteak and cherries are popping out all over. Now if the bugs and birds just leave me some I'll be good.
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Mater plant broke......icon_sad.gif Had a small gust front come through today and I found the stake and mater stalk (at ground level) broke at 90 degrees! What can one do except play taps for the 15 or so youngins........ Guess I gotta start over with another plant, but this time get a mater cage, not stakes! Dont have ta "plow" up the back 2x4. wink.gif

Still Pi$$ed! PDT_Armataz_01_35.gif
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What causes the ends to rot?
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See post #28. Got me a new mater plant! PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif It's in the pot, but this time, in a cage. No stakes for me!
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Goat,are you talking about a rotten spot on the end of the tomato away from the vine?If this is the case there are two reasons I know of.One is uneven water,to much then to little.The other is a lack of calcium in the ground.You can buy a product called "blossom end rot preventer" and Ill swear to you that it helps.
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Thanks, I could be guilty of both.
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