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hi mountain jerky seasoning/cure came in today!

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my order of jerky seasoning/cure came in today, along with the buckboard bacon cure, and a free bottle of bean seasoning with it. i bought a package of eye of round steaks (1/2 lb), and have them covered and in the fridge until tomorrow, when it will be time to smoke them. i cut them into strips first, of course. i had an idea in the store, but wanted to ask if anyone had tried this: the packages of beef for stir-fry they have in the meat section. already cut into strips, cutting out one step. no pun intended there.
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I haven't tried the stir-fry, but I can see where you're going with that.
I have tried flank, bottom round roast, and bottom round steak london broil. They all turned out good, but the flank steak was preferred most. Yes, the most expensive. If I try out the stir-fry before someone posts, I'll let you know how it went.

I've had limited experience with making jerky, but so far 180 degrees for 2.5 hours has turned out the best results for my family and friends.
One nice thing about jerky is that it gives me something I can smoke during the week. Most everything else takes to long to smoke on a weekday.

Good luck with your batch. 1/2 pound will go quickly!
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Jerkey seasoning...

Hi Chris,
can u please tell me were to order the seasoning & cure u got !!!
how much do u need to do a 1/b lb...i thought the pkg`s they sell are for doing 10 lbs @ once.?? thanks ... charlie
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Hey Charlie,

The Hi Mountain jerky seasoning comes with enough to do 15#'s of meat. You don't have to do it all at once though. The directions tell you how much to use per pound.

edit - here's the link

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https://shop.himtnjerky.com/online/home.php here is the link. i took what it said to do one pound, and cut that in half. i decided to do 1/2 lb first as a trial run.
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seasoning & cure

Meat~smoker -

You could mix it yourself or just split up the package into 1 lb packs.

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I have made jerky in my hot air machine I like bar b que so I get my favorite sause and soke it in that over nite and make it the next day
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here is the pics of todays jerky trial run. we had already ate part of it before i remembered to take pics.
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Jerky and Drums

I have always used a Thai reciepe to make what the Thai's call dried meat. and use flkank steak and make my own seasoning. By the way DeejayDebi looks like nice drums what make are they. I own Pearls not as many drums. If anyone wants the seasoning to try just let me know.

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look`s good chris...mmmmmmm yummy,,.I got the link , gonna order today .thanks ,,,charlie
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Congrats! Looks like it turned out good. What flavor did you use?
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i used original flavor. i might try another flavor next time though. i will definitely put some extra stuff the next batch, eg garlic powder.
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Looks good Chris! That'll wet your appetite. Jerky is kind of addictive. My favorite is a kind of teriaki stlye..

Smoking Jake

Those are 1980's Ludwig Super Classic Maples with long lugs ... Pearl rack and hardware though LOL

A closer look can be had here:
http://www.deejaysworld.net/drums.htm click on "My Current Setup" it's a PDF file.

I've got some 97% hambuger I'm gonna try that Jerky Shooter thing I got for Xmas later. I keep threatening too ry it but never get to it. We'll see what it does ... TONIGHT!

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rolls, flams, drags and paradiddlesicon_idea.gif

I played drums in the band in high school anddrum and bugle corp in boot camp and hadn't thought abought that stuff in 25 yearsPDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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i used to play the drums. i had a CB700 Percussion (jet black with a chrome snare) from the 8th grade until i was in basic training. my parents needed the money, so they sold it. i miss them.
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anyone ever use a beef shoulder roast for jerky? i have 2 or 3 of them in the freezer, and could use one for jerky.
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I have never tried a shoulder roast before...I usually use either a top or bottom round london broil, which ever is on sale..top is more tender...it'll be interesting to see how the roast works out for ya.....

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i was just thinking, that is what i have in the freezer, and i wouldn't have to go buy some more meat, just to make jerky. i am still thinking of the beef for stir-fry they sell, as it is already in strips.
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Dang chris the way your going when we can finally get together and do some cooking. Im just gonna sit back and watch you. Ill be sure and keep the cold beer iced down.
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marvin, i might be going to first shift soon, 7 a.m.-3 p.m, mon-fri. they are "restructering" the department i work in. we are short-handed, and they don't want to hire more people. i don't have the seniority to stay on a weekend shift. oh well, it was fun while it lasted. first shift is better than second or third. and i will have my weekends free again. i'll let you know when it happens.
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