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after math

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5 hours on the smoker, and walla
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Damn I love these Southern family momentscool.gif

Looks great.
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Look good Hooked. Hope mine come out as good as those look, cant wait till Saturday Steve

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That’s mighty purty!:shock:
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Yes Its nice to have the saturday get togethers and do a little cooking and share in some good ol beverages. I thought hooked would have given a little insight as how everything was prepaired. This was kind of a spur of the moment thing so I didnt get to soak the ribs in apple juice as usual. This were the loin back ribs you get at sams club, I like them better they are a good cut and have a lot of meat on them. Out of pecan wood so am using hickory right now. Rubbed them down with mustard, then Jeffs rib rub and did the 3-2-1 methed, spraying with apple juice now and then. They came out very good and juicy. I have noticed the hickory is not giving me as much of a smoke ring as the pecan wood. Has anyone else ever notice this.
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Oh man I'm droolin!!!!
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loin back ribs

Looks great Hooked! I like those loin back ribs too. We call em country style up here. Now all ya gota do it get rid of that Bud and get you a real beer!

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Amen, I think that about says it all. :) Looks like a good time guys.
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