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Upcoming smoke

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Friend called and want to smoke this weekend, Feb 17. They said they had 6 slabs, 2butts, 2 turks, some chicks, and what ever I wanted to bring. They are new to smoking and said they just wanted smoke, no rubs or seasonings. Though I would take some rub and do a couple slabs[if they will let me] to show them what they will be missing. Also though I would take a fifth and some applejuice for a spray. Any suggestions Steve
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A lot of folks don't understand the difference between rubs/seasonings and sauce when it comes to smoking meat. IMHO if you smoke anything without any seasonings it will taste like crap:sad: It doesn't have to be BBQ type seasonings, but at the very least you need salt and pepper.:roll:
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I gotta agree that you need some spice on them before you smoke. Even a store bought rub will give you a much better flavor than plain meat.
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You should take your rub and spray along and convince them to let you do a couple of slabs and one of the butts your way. After everything is done and they taste yours compared to their's, they will bow at your feet and call you a smoking guru PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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No Spice

I can't imagine no spices! Half my kitchen cabnets are full of spices and I'm always running out of something.

maybe you can pre mix some rubs and pretend you sneezed and dump it on the meats? Then rub in it pretending to rub it off?

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ya know, that just might work Debi.. yeah.. that's the ticket icon_twisted.gif
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Or if the sneeze doesn't work, mabey trip over the dog, spill some on the meats ( being sure to apply liberally PDT_Armataz_01_24.gif ), and apologize profusely then help clean up icon_twisted.gifwink.gif . Daun
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I'm beginning to think girls aren't all sugar N spice and everything nice. I'm thinking way deep down in side they have a mean streak trying to get out. icon_evil.gificon_twisted.gif
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sugar N spice and everything nice

Well ya got the spice part right anyway!

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I can prove this point...

Last night I was forced into eating at the mother-in-laws for her birthday. Her husband cooked four slabs of spare ribs. Cooked them whole, brisket bone on, skirt on, membrane on, no rub, no flavoring wood. He just used charcoal and let them cook for about 6 hours. They were still tough, chewy and full of fat. Not one person there commented on the ribs. I carried a pot of my baked rice and had to give my recipe to 5 different people. They should leave the smoking to me. There were 15 people, 4 slabs of ribs, 2 1/2 slabs left sitting there. I know my ribs may not be the best in the world, but when I cook them, there's nothing left but bones and compliments. Mostly thanks to this wonderful forum.
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Well said Wes!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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I would think that if they ask you there as the expert they should take your advise and use a rub.
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Feb.17 smoke

18* and windy- 30+m.p.h.
Called them yesterday Feb.16 and read the threads to them, and they said sounded good to them.
Had to move 6 miles from house to welding shop to find a wind break. Forgot camera, no pics.. SORRY Loaded around 10:30 a.m. 4 rubbed slabs, 2plain[their wish],1 rubbed butt, 2 rubbed turks,1/2 rubbed loin, 2 picnic hams,1 premarinaded pork tender, and 3 fatties[mine]-1 sausage,and 1 ea. gr. pork and gr.beef rubbed on Thurs.
Used apple and cherry wood with an applejuice/Jack spitz-50/50.Everything was GREAT. Fatties had nice smoke ring and tasted great, nice afternoon snack.
Got everything done abt5:30 and moved back to house to let meatfinish resting and carve. 14 people there. Lots of great comments on flavor, tenderness, smokering, etc.
Thank everyone for their input and help. Friend says he is going to build a smoker real soon. Another got a propane job for Christmas,but hasn't used. I told them abt this website for plans, help, hints, mods, and good friends. THANKS AGAIN Steve
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okay Shortone, you did a house full of meat, had a great time, and everything turned out great.. but tell us about the rubbed vs. plain - who had the better meat.. as if I should ask rolleyes.gif Great Smoke!

Keep Smokin
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Wasn't much said,just when they went for 2nds on ribs they asked which ones had the rub on themPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif .
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