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Hi Everyone

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Just registered & always looking for guidance & help with smoking. I like smoking more than just meats even though sausages are my favorite. I might even be helpful to other.
So a great big HELLO to all.
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Welcome Buzzy to the greatest fourm on earth :D . Glad to have you and hope you enjoy looking around. Feel free to ask questions and I reccomend that you sign up for Jeff's free e-course. He's got lots of good info in there! Happy smokin' :D ! Daun
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Welcome Aboard Buzzy:D

Just jump right in and ask or answer questions as you see fit.

Be sure and post some pics of your Q, we love the food porn:oops: .
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Welcome aboard Buzzy.
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Welcome to SMF Buzzy!!! Glad you found us.
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Welcome to the SMF Buzzy, looking foward to reading your posts.
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Welcome Buzzy! We can always use a good sausage maker (that’s an art unto itself…if ya ask me! You’ll find lots of good stuff here, and you will meet a host of friendly and helpful folks. So grab a cold one, sit a spell with us!:D
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Welcome Buzzy, glad to have you here. Feel free to ask questions and post. Show off some pics of any smokes you'd like to share.

Keep Smokin
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Hey Buzzy, from one newbie to another this is a great site. What makes a great site is the people that are here. All of these guys/gals are very helpful and nice to be around..........and I am one hell of a guy ;)

Jump right in, gotta have of anything.

Tell us about yourself, what you do, what you like to smoke, etc. and like up in smoke said, "grab a cold one" (what ever you like) and enjoy the people here and the bs(big smokes) they share. :)
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Welcome aboard...Ask and you shall receive...
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Welcome to the SMF. Great bunch of helpful guys & gals here.
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Hello Everyone!

I have been reading this website for about three months and enjoying the advise that you all give. I just decided to join in and share some of my experiences too. I have been grilling and smoking for about five years now. I have several grills. My family think I am obsessed with smoking so much that my sons tell me that they are going to haul some of my grills off. I own (9) Brinkman smokers in gas and charcoal,I built a trailer grill out of a kerosene tank (36" diameter X 6' long) ,I have (2) 55 gallon drum charcoal grills, and (2) Chargrill,propane grills. I just want to say howdy and I hope we can share some "Q" ideas!
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Welcome to SMF Buzzy.
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Wecome to SMF. Nice to have ya chadpole. Start your own thread here in "Role Call" and everyone will give you a proper welcome.
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Welcome Buzzy

For guidance & help you've come to the right place. Any experiance shared is a help to others feel free tojump right in!
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Welcome to the SMF what kind of smoker(s) do you have?
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Welcome Buzzy I hope I can help in any way.
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