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My First Canadian Bacon

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Well after many visits here I finally had to give it a shot and try makeing my own canadian bacon. I couldn't decide wheather to use a brine cure or a dry cure so I did both , I put 6 lbs of pork loins in a brine for 6 days and 3 lbs in a dry cure for the same time and smoked them today at 150 for 7 hours with a combo of hickory and apple chips I can only get to 150 with my home built electric smoker so it's going to need a quick touch in the frying pan. the birne cure I used came form you friendly folks here I just tinkered with the spices to my taste.
The dry cure was 3 tbs mortens tender quick and 3 tbs brown sugar, drained every 2 days then rinsed and re-applyed. I hope the pics come out , heck I hope it taste as good as it looks and smells :)
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Looks good Ghost! I make about 6-7 lbs a month…good stuff-no fat! Did you apply a rub before you smoked? I do, but I found out that after it is smoked, it is better to rinse/scrub the rub off (it did it’s job), so it doesn’t get all messy and get all over your hands when you go to slice it up for breakfast. You’ll be makin that stuff all the time now!
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Looks really good...so how did the taste test come out?
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Canadian Bacon

Looks really good Ghost!
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man that looks good !
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Nice looking Canadian bacon Ghost! That avatar is not too shabby either.
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This morning I fried up some of my canadian bacon and all I can say is WOW !!
I'll never eat store bought again ! thanks to all of you for your post.
It wasn't salty at all and the apple chips left a nice sweet flavor, now I wonder what I should try next ? pork bellies ? salmon ? who knows, but with the help from all of you I know it will be good !
oh and the avatar thats from 2003 deer season , 179 2/8 points BC
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So what is the outcome dry or wet cure? Which is the best?
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A Matter of Taste

I've tryed both bacons now , and for me the brine was the better of the 2, my wife likes the dry cured because it is a little salty, both were very good, if I would have known how easy it was I'd have done this years ago.
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