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molten rub

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i use this on ribs and chicken,and also spinkle it as a seasoning salt.
keep in mind as i'm sure will know this is a scaled down version as i'm the only one at the house that loves "Q".
3Tb brown sugar
2Tb paprika
2Tb black pepper
2Tb kosher salt
2Tb chili powder
(optional) 1Tb cayenne
1t garlic powder
1t onion powder
1t cumin
mix well and place in gladware or air tight container.
apply as you would any other rub,and enjoy

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Thanks for sharing the reciepe I will give it a try.
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They just do not know what they are missing if they do not love good Q
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That looks nearly identical to my rub recipe. Mine has a little more sugar and a little less salt and pepper. I'll try this next time and see what the different proportions taste like.
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hey Pyre let me know what you find out,i've been tweeking on it for a bit.
it tastes real close to the texas roadhouse ribs.

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