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deli ham

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I haven't seen where anyone has smoked a ham or pork and then sliced for deli meat. I know a lot of you have slicers out there...
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I've done Canadian Bacon sort of a ham. Then sliced it and sat back to enjoy it after that
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I do eye of round roast beef's and pork loins. Slice thin for lunch meat.
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I do that often myself, also make my own corned beef and pastrami.....just itching to buy a new slicer in fact :-)
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Oh yeah…Canadian Bacon, Pork Loin, Mesquite Turkey, Sliced thin, Stacked & Frozen (if it lasts long enough to freeze around this house!)
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Shell -

I found this thread while searching for something else, must have missed it ...

I make cappricola ham and posted in in the sausage section awhile back. Great lunch meat!

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