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my superbowl sunday smoke

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i smoked a brisket (11.29lbs), 5 polish sausage links (1.21lbs), 2 sage fatties, 14 ABT"s, and 2 beef shoulder steaks. i took the brisket to 195° internal. today i sliced the flat and pulled the point. the steaks were for my wife, and the fatties will be for gravy and bisuits. the ABT's are gone, and there is 2 polish sausage links left. here is the (food) porn.
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Re: my superbowl sunday smoke

more pics. the brisket was juicy and tender. now i am going to eat some real quick like.
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Re: my superbowl sunday smoke

Awesome Chris :!: Great job. You must of had a great day eating this and watching a great game :D
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i don't watch football. the brisket was pulled to rest at 2:00a.m. i pulled and sliced it today after heating it back up in the oven. i also made a modified version of dutch's wicked beans today. i had a pulled brisket sammie and beans for lunch. also had another sammie and beans for supper. i forgot to do the twice smoked potatoes so i did one in the microwave to go with supper.
i forgot to add in my first post, my wife loved the smoked steak.
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Superbowl Smoke

Sounds like you enjoyed the smoke twice even with the once cooked tater. Can beat that!
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we ate brisket until last night, finishing it off for supper. tonight i am doing a beef shoulder roast, some more polish sausage links, and ABT"s.
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Chris I dont see the pics, am I blind are do I need to change something in my settings to see them.
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marvin, i am not sure. i can't see them either. i think they got deleted during the forum change. here they are again.
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Nice spread you have (or had) there, Chris!!
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Now we can see them. Good work Chris!

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Good job chris looks very good.
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Yum Yum Yum Yum

Looks good Chris! WIsh I could smoke that much in one sitting!
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