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Hello Everyone

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Hey everybody. I've really enjoyed browsing through the forum and got lots of great tips to get started by. Decided to log on and join in the fun too.
I bought my GOSM last year for Christmas and had no idea I would be bitten by the smoking bug. My wife and friends are glad it happened, since I've been turning out some pretty tasty meats with it.
I started with chicken, ribs, and pulled pork. Really can't go wrong with all the great advice people have posted.
I recently tried the smoked cabbage, brisket, and jerky too. It was greeted with big smiles, big eyes, and questions about when I'm going to fix another batch.
Thanks to everyone that takes the time to help us newbies out.
I'm hooked!
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Glad to have you here.

Try some of the ideas shared here and enjoy, Please share some of your recipes and pictures too.

Glad to see you on the forum
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Re: Hello Everyone

Welcome to SMF Smoke Detector!!! It sounds like you've officially come over to smokey side in a big way. 8)
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Welcome Smoke Detector!

Glad you've decided to introduce yourself. Were all smoking addicts here and love to help out, share and exchange recipes. Look around, try some stuff and tell us what you've found!
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Re: Hello Everyone

Welcome Smoke Detector. I have only one thing to say to you....Roll Tide :!: Sounds like your going to be an expert soon. Share some pictures of your smokes. We like to see them :)
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welcome to SMF. have you taken the 5-day e-course? see my sig for my nickname here.
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Welcome to the SMF Smoke Detector, glad you decided to join all of us. Looking foward to reading your posts.
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Welcome to SMF.
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Welcome to the forum.
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Smoke Detector, Welcome to SMF. Great bunch of folks here to share your experience with. Looking forward to seeing you in the Forums.

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