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removing bone from a butt

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what is the best way to remove the bone from a butt roast? i ordered the buckboard bacon cure, and want to make some bacon from a butt. around here you can't get boneless butts.
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The Buckboard Cure will come with a good tutorial and pictures included with the curing and smoking instructions. Easy to follow and probably better than it can be explained here. It is pretty simple, no worries.
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Chris -

Check this out - nice illustration of deboning a butt.
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They sure are, and they are the very ones that will come w/ the cure. Good luck on the bacon Chris. It is good stuff. I seem to remember reading you don't do fat so this stuff should be right up your alley. Enjoy!
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Re: removing bone from a butt

Hi Chris,

Funny you should mention this as I just smoked one yesterday that I have had curing for the last 10 days. Like everyone said the directions are in the box and it's not too hard to do.

Here is a couple of pics of mine I just finished slicing.

Smoked to 140* with apple and hickory chips

Sliced and ready to cook.

Going to go fix me some bacon and eggs in a few minutes. 8)

Good luck with yours.
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cajun very nice looking bacon you got there.

How did it taste?
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Re: removing bone from a butt

Wife says it is good. I couldn't pass up a hot pork sandwich when I pulled the Butts off, so I will try the bacon later.
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Chris - let us know how it comes out ...

cajunsmoker - nice looking bacon!
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chad, you were correct, i don't eat fat. i did find a boneless boston butt roast. it is in my deep freezer, waiting for the buckboard bacon cure to come in.
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Good deal Chris, that is what I have used for mine so far. Costco only has de-boned butts. I'll pick a couple up for Buckboard, but only bone in from our true local grocer with a real butcher shop will do for anything else. The KC area Costco stores have some great looking quality meat. Unfortunately, getting a packer brisket or a bone in butt is virtually impossible though. mad.gif

Good luck on your bacon, let us know what ya think brutha.
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Yeah-the instructions tell you pretty straight forward how to debone the butt. Better that I could explain it and I used to do it for a living!!
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