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Tried tri - tip for the first time last month. Absolutely amazing! What flavor. Only place I've seen it is at Costco for $5.99/lb. Can get it in roasts or cut into 1"x1"x 8" strips. The strips I grilled (heaven forbid wink.gif ) to medium rare with just a little salt, pepper, and McCormicks garlic powder. Gonna try smoking one of the roasts later this week. Probably around 225-240 degrees until the temp reads 135 (like prime rib for medium rare).

Tri - tip is probably one of the most flavorful cuts of beef I've had the pleasure to sink my teeth into (very close to prime rib). Everyone who likes beef should give it a try....PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Well big al
the pics look great but once I go to that site my computer freezes and stops running and shuts down????????????????????????????
Tried it three times and still can't understand why
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I'll try this out, I need the practice anyway.
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SA-weeet! Yummers Dude! I gots ta get me some Tri-Tip, I may have to go out of town fer this-un! icon_rolleyes.gif
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Tri Tips

Big Al,

pics are savory!! Really good looking beef. tonto and I are on the hunt for some good tri tip in west michigan. Cheech says Costco is the best. No luck elsewhere.

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BigAl -

That looks great! Nice smoke ring too.

Now ley me ask this Tri Tip is beef right? Never hear of it until here.

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Yep, tri-tip is beef....somewhere in the sirloin area. 3 different grains.

Had wife pick up some yesterday. 30#'s at $3.29/# untrimmed. Got a slicer for b-day(from wife & kids) I'll take that as a hint. Plan on doin a couple and slice'n as thin as possible for American dip sandies. Served w/ "awfuly good juice"(au jus) to dip in.

Tri-tip isn't for everyone though. Parents still like brisket the best. P.S. both are in the loony bin too. :) I'm just "brisketed" out right now. Have some in fridge and it isn't move'n very fast. Usually gone in a few days, not anymore.

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Did this tri-tip a couple of days ago. Turned out damn tasty, moist, and tender. 225 -250 degrees for about 2 3/4 hrs until temp read 140' (spritzed with apple juice every hr). Like medium rare to medium. Gonna do it again!
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I never heard of tri-tip til I started looking at this site. I don't think it's an East Coast thing, I've never seen nor heard of it...icon_mad.gif

Next time I make a costco run I'll have to see if they have it there.
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Besides a Prime Rib Roast, Rib Eye Steak (same thing), tri- tip is the most flavorful piece of beef I've had. Costco rules!PDT_Armataz_01_24.gif
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looks real good....

boy there are alot of michiganders hovering in this
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I was just told that my local D&W also carries Trip-Tip not sure how good it is but I have to believe that it is good
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I also found it at my local butcher (Byron Meat Locker) they have it on the shelf for $5.69 lb! Better than Costco.
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