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Long time reader, first time poster.

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I have been a Smoked Meat fanatic for years but had never tasted home smoked anything. I have been reading tips and tales on the net for almost a year in anticipation that I would one day be able to smoke something on my own. For Xmas this year my parents purchased 2 Smoke Hollow Electric Smokers from Gander Mountain here in Denver for my brother and I and I was finally able to get things rolling.

I can't find much out there on this smoker, anybody have one?

I scoured the net and mixed and matched different recipes for rub, and sauce, bought Cherry and Mesquite chips and a Picnic Pork Shoulder for my first smoke. Now is were I wish I would have taken pictures but... I brined the shoulder for 12 hours, slathered with mustard and put on the rub and let sit for 12 hours, and then came smoking time. I got the smoker up to temp, about 190 (it was really cold out that day) and popped in the shoulder. About 7 hours later the shoulder was done and let me tell you, that was the best pulled pork I have ever had.

That was 2 weeks ago and this weekend for the Super Bowl I am going to attempt a Brisket. Any tips on smoking a brisket that differ from a pork shoulder.
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Re: Long time reader, first time poster.

Welcome to SMF. Sounds like you've been doing your homework. Check out the numerous threads on brisket. Other than rubs and such, and maybe temp preferences everybody cooks it pretty similar. I cook all my big cuts to 205. I might or might not let them rest. Just depends on how they feel when I remove them from the smoker.
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Welcome to the forum Jmastera, have you signed up for the e-course yet. Theres a lot of great info to help get you started. Also check out the post under electric smokers.
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Re: Long time reader, first time poster.

Welcome to SMF Jmastera and congratulations on the successful smoke. Brisket should be a longer smoke, be prepared for that. Read all the posts you can find on brisket, take your time - don't rush the stall, and start early. Good Luck

Keep Smokin
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Re: Long time reader, first time poster.


Yes I did go through the ecourse it was great, very helpful. I will have to take another look at the Eletric Smoker posts.


Thanks for the tip on a longer smoke. I am planning on starting at about 6am for a 4pm ish finish. I hope that will be long enough. The temperature took a turn for the worse yesterday here in denver so i am sure it is going to take longer than expected.

Thank you all for welcoming to SMF. I have never seen a more friendly Forum, anywhere.
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Re: Long time reader, first time poster.

How big is that brisket jmastera? When figuring your start time you should allow approx 1 1/2 hrs per pound, this may or may not include the stall time you should get. Remember not to "force" the stall, as that is where the meat breaks down and becomes tender.

If you are smoking an 8 lb brisket, you're looking at approx 12 hrs. Plus you want time for the meat to rest before slicing, pulling, or otherwise serving it up.

Keep Smokin
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Welcome aboard glad you ended up with a smoker. Feel free to check out the electric smoker posts and there has been others that have the same smoker. Post a question and wait for the response
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Welcome to SMF jmastera!!! Be sure and let us know how your first brisket smokes comes out.
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welcome aboard SMF, the best smoking meat forum on the 'net.
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Re: Long time reader, first time poster.


I was planning on doing between 6 and 8 lbs. We are also doing a build-your-own nacho bar and 100 hot wings so i am leaning towards the 6 lber.

thanks for all the advice.
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Re: Long time reader, first time poster.

Welcome jmastera, Sounds like you are doing all the right things.
A good tip…It’s better to have to reheat that meat than not be ready when ya’ll want to eat! Hey, I’m a poet! :oops: (Give yourself ample time…that brisket can stay wrapped up in towels in your cooler for hours.) Keep a probe in the brisket to keep the temp safe (above 140°) til served! Good Luck! wink.gif
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Re: Long time reader, first time poster.

Welcome Jmastera. Doing your homework is always a good start to prevent serious mistakes up front and getting you discouraged. You have done it right and now you are hooked....which is a good thing. Be sure and post some pics of that Super Bowl Brisket. Yum Yum :D
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Re: Long time reader, first time poster.

Welcome to the party Jmastera. Congrats on the successful smoke.

Here's a thread I started a while back that addresses searing brisket. You'll se that per my poll results, searing is not the norm, but those of us that do it are sold on searing. If you're only doing a flat (which I presume is the case given the weight range you've mentioned) it's probably not the thing to do, but something you might want to consider for future smokes. I always have good results using whole packer trim briskets in the 12#14# range, and brisket freezes very well if there's leftovers.

let us know how it turns out, and get us some pix if you can. We love food porn.

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Re: Long time reader, first time poster.

So I just went on a long lunch and picked up brisket. Unfortunatly the place I went whole (paycheck) foods did not have anything larger than a 5lb and it did not have a fat cap, although they did say that they can order any size in and keep the cap on if I want. I picked it up anyway becasue I have food saver and can freeze it if I find another flat with the cap and a little larger. If not oh well, my wife decided to make a buffalo chicken cheese dip as an addon for sunday so I am sure we will have plenty of food with a smaller cut of meat. This way too I can get some practice and if I screw up it is only a bunch of drunk football watching fools.

Anyone in Denver know of a good place that readily has larger cuts in stock.
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