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Super Bowl cook out

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Been reading up on the Super Bowl XLl . Still can't fathom why "bowl". Perhaps the trophy was once a bowl. I once thought the match was played at a stadium called "The Bowl" but that has been dismissed. The biggest sporting event of the year. WOW, and the 2nd biggest cook-out.
This must be the time to really have the smokers in full tilt. I know about as much about this as I do about hatching kangaroo eggs but will fancy the Colts. I think I read they have the attack while the Bears have the defence. Saw that they still have tickets left, some for a mere pittance. $6300 USD.Would probably take the wife and a few mates at that price I hope I can get a clear picture of the game but reckon there will be a lot of smoke all over the US from the smokers and their attendants.

Have a good safe weekend you blokes.
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dr good -

My understanding is because it was a take off on the college games i.e. "the College bowl." The first "Rose Bowl" was played in a place called the Rose Bowl in Pasadena CA.

The first Superbowl was not called the superbowl it was only called the "championship game." It was the GreenBay Packers (National Football League) against Kansas City Chiefs (American Football League). Two different leagues one big trophy!

Probably more than you wanted to know ...


Probably the biggest party day next to New Years or the 4th of July in the US. Maybe the biggest?
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Re: Super Bowl cook out

Ahh, your a wise man Dr. 8) I've lived here for my entire life and still don't know why it is called a bowl. I've never seen anyone bowling in any of the stadiums that it was ever held in :?:

You also are correct in the fact that a lot of food will be cooked (some better than others) and consumed along with enough liquid refreshments to fill a small lake.

I'm with you Doc GO COLTS kick the Bears butt back into hibernation :P
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We could not live in this country if the Bears win!
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Re: Super Bowl cook out

Wow, ya'll are being pretty tough on Da Bears :cry: . We should start a poll to see who everybody's rooting for, could be fun :D

Go!!!! Da Bears
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Re: Super Bowl cook out

How can you root for a team that abandoned a city that loved them?

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Re: Super Bowl cook out

GO BEARS :D :D :D ...Smoke those Colts for 4hours @ 250* :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
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Who has time to watch a ball game when there is so much smoking that needs to be done?
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I'm not rooting for the Colts I'm rooting against Da Bears! I'm a Packer fan!
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Re: Super Bowl cook out

Just remember! The Pittsburgh Steelers are the Superbowl Champions til Sunday! :oops:
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I've been hearing that one from my Uncle since New Years eve! He's from Pittsburgh too.
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I've been hearing that one from my Uncle since New Years eve! He's from Pittsburgh too.
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Re: Super Bowl cook out

As a long suffering Cleveland Browns fan, I'm not a huge fan of either team. But, given we live a hundred miles from Chicago, and the Colts jilted their original city of Baltimore and also given that the game is a lot more fun if you are rooting for a team - go Bears.
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Re: Super Bowl cook out

You know, Up In Smoke is right. The Steelers will rise again!!!

Until then, Go Colts!!

Mel - Longtime Steeler fan
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If the Broncos aren't play'n then I'm root'n for good commercials and a woman topless at half-time, wife or someone on tv..................I don't care. :)
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Doesnt matter to me which one wins as long as the food is good and the beer is ice cold.

Looks like Big Al got the game plan lol.
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I am with all you blokes and ladies too. Do they have 10 blokes each side,,that might be the "bowl" like pins ??. Nope dont think so.! I like the last little bit with the streaker. They get fined $6000 AD over here
for just going onto the "bowl", stadium, or ground; and then some more $$ for getting the gear off. We have "handlers" that are supposed to take them somewhere when they are caught.

Seeing that I am many hours ahead of you blokes in the states, I should be able to watch the game way ahead of you and let you know who wins before they even start over there.

mmmmmm. perhaps I have too much smoke. Still worrying about Florida.
as we say her in the Oz, 'avagreatweekend, mate.
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