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I am back....

We had a great time. If anybody needs a helper, be sure and contact Dawgwhat.... he was a great help.

Now for what you all are waiting for....

The weather could have been better, we had a little rain on Friday night.... yeah, a little, abt a ton.... you will see it in the pics. Rained off and on, more on from abt 5pm until abt 1am.

We met a lot of great teams, whooped a lot of butt, and got our whooped as well. But, we had a great time. We did not do bad at all for only our second competition and some of the teams that was there.

Now for what you are waiting for:

Overall 24 out of 40 teams
Chicken 21 out of 40 teams
Ribs 40 out of 40 teams
Pork 12 out of 40 teams
Brisket 17 out of 40 teams
Sauce 24 out of 37 teams
Turkey 21 out of 29 teams

I ordered baby back ribs instead of spares like I normally cook. I did not take that into consideration and extremely overcooked them..... .. so next time I will either use the spares, or just do baby backs from now on....

Like I said, overall, I was pleased.

Film will go in tomorrow and hopefully I can get some pics posted tomorrow night.

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Congrat's to both of you. Great showing in a huge playing field with some really great teams!!! You almost walked in Pork.....very cool!!!! Here are the top ten:

GC Tar Heel Smokers

1 Dirty Dick Legless wonders
2 Dizzy Pig
3 Pellet Envy
4 Tar Heel Smokers
5 Jack's Old South
6 Lotta Bull
7 Checkered Pig
8 I Que
9 Smoked From Above
10 Skin-n-Bones

1 Smokin Triggers
2 Pellet Envy
4 Lotta Bull
5I Que
6 Double D's BBQ
7 Jack's Old South
8 Cool Smoke
10 The Pig's Ear

1 Tar Heel Smokers
2 Jack's Old South
3 Cool Smoke
4 I Que
5 Wood Chicks
6 Dirty Dicks Legless Wonders
7 Dizzy Pig
9 Blvd BBQ Company
10 Dennis Tab AB propane

1 Tar heel Smokers
2 I Que
3 Smokin Triggers
4 Smoken Dudes BBQ
5 Dirty Dicks Legless Wonders
6 Double D's BBQ
7 Dixie Bones BBQ
8 Skin-n- Bones
9 Jacks Old South
10 Lotta Bull
GC Tar Heel Smoker
3 Dirty Dicks
4 Jacks Old South
5 Smokin Triggers
6 Lotta Bull
7 Pellet Envy
8 Double D's BBQ
9 Dizzy Pig
10 Cool Smoke

Virginia's Gov Cup Dizzy Pig

Sounds like you got to meet some great folks as well. I hope I do as well as you did my first time out!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks Theresa. Yes, I did get to meet some great people. Some I had met before, but not competing against.

Good luck on yours. The first one is the worst. You will be very uptight, just go with the flow. Do what you do best, and have a great time.

I tried to post some pics, but it will only allow me to do 10 at a time, including img, html, etc.... so will see abt doing a slide show and put a link here.....

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Sounds great Bill. Can't wait to see the pics!!
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Looks like you made a great showing there Bill and Dawgwhat Congrats! We knew you could do it! Sounds like a great time was had by all - that's what really counts.

Looking forward to the pictures! icon_mrgreen.gif
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Give this a try. It is a slide show and you will not have any narration with it. Just use your imagination. It will take a few minutes to get through the 37 slides, so if you are on dial up, get a sandwich and drink and enjoy....

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Bill -

It looks like you guys really had a good time. I'm so happy for you!

Big Hugs!
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Thanks all. I think I am finally getting a little caught up on my sleep. I had to be to work yesterday at 5am...... slept good last night.

I am going to sit down and finish my what I did went wrong list. I have about 4 or 5 things on that list. Several small items is all.

I am going to work on a new "sauce" for pork. I found a small pork butt last night, and threw it in the freezer for now. I will probably test it on my next long weekend. Who knows, I might just hit on a major improvement.

Hey, whatdawg, you getting caught up on your sleep yet?

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I caught up on my sleep the first night home
about 12 hours worth PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif

when you figure out what went wrong,you got to share so I
can learn some more PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Like to congratulate both of you on a job well done!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif especially the fact you competed in 7 catagories!!! would like to hear your "things done wrong" list from u experienced competitors, give us a head start for the grand rapids comp.(i'm helping tonto and bud)
look forward to any lesons learned..........PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Glad to hear you got some of your sleep.... I is still tired, but that is normal for me. Usually only get abt 5 hrs sleep a night as it is....

Will do on the what went wrong....

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I don't know about the experienced part... I have only done 2, and one of them was last year.....

Some quick what went wrongs:
I used baby back ribs instead of spares like I normally cook, and did not take into consideration the faster cooking time. They were WAY over done, burned, dried out, and almost impossible to cut.

I had switched salts. I went from medium sea salt to course kosher salt. Another bad mistake. My rub was salty on the cooked meat.

I should have put the chicken on abt 20 minutes sooner. I had an ace up my sleeve, and it wasn't quite done, so I had to resort back to the original plan..... Next time.... it will be mine.

The briskets could have had a little more moisture, but not bad. I may have sliced it a little too soon, remember, brisket dries out fast when it is sliced.

The pork and briskets were done in plenty of time, which gave them ample time to rest in the cooler all nice and warm....

And maybe just a little more hickory.

And take more pictures. But, when you get busy with turn in boxes, it is easy to forget about pics.

Keep Theresa out of trouble.... PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif Tell Bud I said hi, and sure do wish it wasn't so far away. I might consider coming up and helping out.

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Well, your 2 comps up on me bill, printed off your comments, some real good thoughts there, this comp will have a little less pressure, as there's an hour between turn-ins, gives a chance to catch your breathPDT_Armataz_01_32.gif
thanks for the info, i know theresa is gonna be pickin your brains the next few weeks...........take all the advice u can give
P.S. when u gonna update your website??PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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Who Me? I'm sure I have no idea what your talking about!!! biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

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Here is a link to their website that has a lot of pics posted as well.

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So I see you are sharing your secret rub recipe????? eek.gifeek.gif

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I just got off the phone with Sinclair Communications. Their website has it listed as an annual event.

Bob Sinclair - Sinclair Communications

999 Waterside Drive, Suite 500, Norfolk, Virginia 23510
Office: 757-640-8500, Fax: 757-640-8552

I was told that they are not going to have it again... at least not next year...icon_mad.gifmad.gif

I told them how great of an event they had, and was looking forward to coming again. I was told that it was centered around Southern Livings tour.... I even begged them to forget about Southern Living and have it anyway.

So, if any one was there, and you enjoyed it, give them a call and ask them if they are going to have it, and ask them to please do.... it might help persuade them to have it without Southern Living. It was a great event, and they really took care of us. If you weren't there, you really missed a great time.
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