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i got my newsletter today, tim. what, the forum might be down for a few hours? oh no, i will die!!! i almost live here.
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Re: Error 500?

Cool.... I left a message here while ago, and it never showed up.... and neither of the error codes.

I guess that is what we get for being so popular.... :shock: :shock:

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Re: Error 500?

Wow, it's good to be so popular and I guess these are the growing pains :roll: ! Thanks Jeff for letting us know what has been going on 'cause it was getting a little annoying :lol: . I know you've got a handle on things and thanks for such a great site- this is all ( mostly )your fault after all :lol: :lol: !
Tonto1117, its good to hear from you and look forward to seeing you at the Smokefest? If not, look forward to reading your posts :D .
Enjoy your smoke everyone, and, thank you again Jeff for hosting such a great place to exchange ideas :D . Daun
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Jeff is there anything that we can do?
Is this something that you would like us to donate some funds to in order to keep the forum alive?
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Re: Error 500?

Cheech, you are right, what can we do to help Jeff? Do we need to be more active in the tip jar area? Not sure what it will cost to get transfered to a larger server but would like to do our part to keep the TBS flowing :) . Daun
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Re: Error 500?

I have been doing some checking on prices and believe it or not it is not as much as I thought it would be.. I get some really good package deals with my current hosts on a shared server and end up paying about 45 dollars per year per site which is really good for what I get.

I just doubled our bandwidth on SMF and it is running about 75 per year now I believe on the shared server.

After checking out several of the best deals while taken into account the quality of service such as uptime, speed, etc. it looks like we can get something for about 19.95 per month which must be paid upfront annually.

That is $239.40 and should get us where we want to be in the way of bandwidth and disk space.

I would also like to go with a commercial forum software such as Vbulletin. It is a lot easier to work with on the admin side and allows a little more flexibility for multiple moderators, spam control, etc.

The full single site license for it is 160 dollars and is good for as long as you want to use it on a single site.

I am honored that you guys would offer to help with this.. that is just another example of the caliber of folks that this forum attracts. Everyone that I talk to says that this is the largest group of nice people on the entire internet and I tend to agree!

If you want to make a donation toward this just use the tip jar at the top left of the page at Smoking-Meat.com and I will put all donations toward this. I will make up the difference if we do not get enough within a reasonable amount of time.

So we will shoot for around 400 dollars and see how good we do..

Thank all of you for the great job that you do here.. keep up the great work!
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It's no surprise you guys broke the server. I was away about 4 ½ days and there were 885 posts to read when I got home. This is the happening place for sure.
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Re: Error 500?

This is definitely a happening place.. I can't even keep up most of the time!

I have noticed, as has been mentioned in another post, that even when you get the crazy "debug" error, the post has already went through. If you go back and re-post it will then show up twice.

I normally just hit Ctrl+A and then Ctrl+C to copy the post I just wrote in case there is a problem and then hit the send button.

When it shows the debug error I just go ahead and go back to the forum to make sure it showed up and so far it is always there.

If there was a problem, I could just hit the post reply button again and paste the text I copied previously into a new message instead of having to type it again.

Hopefully in a week or so we won't have to deal with that anymore.. :D
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