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Pork Fat

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When a recipe calls for 7 lbs lean pork and 1.5 lbs of pork fat or suet are they talking about trimmed fat? I think of suet being in my bird feeder which is like lard?

I often make sausage from a butt, shoulder or even pork steaks and the final product could have used more fat. Can I buy just fat?

Sorry for the dumb questions - but I really want to know! :)
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Re: Pork Fat

i'm not into sausage making, but I have seen pork fat for sale at my local grocery's.
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Mo-Fat from the back fat found on the top of the loins is the same type of fat found on butts and pork chops. Suet is the fat that is found around the kidneys and inside the carcass along the backbone (hindquarter area). Fat is fat. When a customer wanted all of the fat gound from their pigs, we always ground the back fat and the suet together. Most meat shops when they sell pork fat sell the back fat from the loin.
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Sure is handy having a butcher in the group! I always ground up fatback.
Thanks Dutch
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Yes Dutch, we only use the fat from inside the carcass when making sausages. Just save it in the freezer until there is enough.Our pigs don't seem to grow more than an inch or so on the loins etc.
The occassional "fatty" chops are roasted on a grill rack in the oven. Too risky for a flame up in the old Smokerator.
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