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Re: Smoked Cabbage

Well Marvin you had 2 plates of my cabbage how did you like it? the brisket was very close to your original. i have learned from the best!!!
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Mummy cabbage?

Congrats Hooked! If Marvin's singing your praises you must have done a heck of a job! You can't ask for better training than that!
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Help me please. Debi I have created a monster now he wants me to build him a bigger smoker for his birthday. What have I done. Should I run like the wind.
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LOL well Marvin If I were him I'd ask you to help me build a smoker too!

The trick is to train him up so you can get him to do the smokin' and you can sit back and supervise. It is a very addictive hobby!



... is that a torch I hear?

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Thats a good point, I can set back relax and wait at the supper table.
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Put him in charge of the fire, and yourself in charge of the beer box:p .
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I think Rodger has the plan of attack figured out to a tee....I mean beer...
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I do agree with that
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SOMEBODY has to be in charge of the important stuff (the adult libations, of course!!)
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Now thats a job I can handle for sure.
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